Top Ten Home Improvement Trends for 2010

I was fortunate enough to speak with Krista Watterworth, the host of a new show on HGTV called "Splurge and Save" that is premiering in January.   She was willing to share her top 10 home improvement trends for 2010, and I am passing them along to you.

1. Harmony and serenity is what people want. A natural flow of items that creates a sense of peacefulness in the home is essential.

2. Recycled or repurposed is where it’s at. For this reason, antiques are making a comeback in younger homeowners. Objects that were passed down are getting a new life and surround people with a connection to family.

3. Warm is in! Colder, more minimalist spaces are less appealing. I find that my clients want to be surrounded by more natural, cozy colors and textures.

4. Tradition is on the rise. When the world seems to be in a place of social unrest, people return to a traditional, safer sensibility. It’s like comfort food for the home.

5. Organic, green and low VOC products will no longer be just an interest or a fad. They will be part of the regular course of business for everyday home renovation.

6. Wallpaper is cooler than ever, and people are enjoying the variety of choices out there. You can get more creative with pattern and texture than just utilizing paint.

7. Hard geometric shapes are out. Flowing, more organic, curved and soft lines are more pleasing and gaining popularity.

8. DIY is bigger than ever. With the economy in flux, homeowners are researching ways to do their own home improvement projects, and upgrading their current homes as opposed to buying new.

9. Big box and online retailers have an edge. The choices in furniture, home accessories, lighting, flooring and window treatments from large scale manufacturers are endless and more affordable than custom.

10. Mixing it up is more fun. My current clients request that I choose a few inspirational items for a splurge, and then fill the rest of their spaces with affordable choices.

Krista Watterworth is an Interior Designer and Style Expert, along with the Host of HGTV’s new show Splurge and Save. To swap and share your recipes for design success, go to Krista’s site at

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