It’s natural that you have lots of questions before you get started on your ready-to-assemble cabinets. No worries. We’re happy to help. Here’s some of our top questions (and a few unique ones) and their answers.

What are RTA Cabinets?

RTA stands for ready-to-assemble. That means that the cabinets are shipped to you in flat packages and have to be put together before they can be installed. It’s more affordable but maintains great quality and it makes the kitchen remodel an achievable DIY project.

Are RTA Cabinets Cheaper?

RTA cabinets are cheaper than many other types of cabinets. This is because the responsibility for assembly and installation falls on you. It also saves money on shipping. We pass those savings on to you!

That said, RTA Cabinet Store products are high quality and easily compete with high-end options and even custom options.

Person measuring white kitchen cabinets.

How Hard are RTA Cabinets to Assemble?

RTA cabinets are considered a DIY project. Some customers have compared assembly to brick building toys on a larger scale. They come together in a matter of hours with ease.

We offer written instructions, videos, and a 3D app to ensure it’s an easy process. Simply download the BILT app for interactive diagrams that you can zoom in on and rotate to get the exact view you need to successfully assemble your cabinets.

Are Kitchen Cabinets a Standard Depth?

Base cabinets (the ones that sit on the floor) have a standard depth of 24 inches. Wall cabinets (the ones that go on the wall above the countertop) have a standard depth of 12 inches. Of course, custom built cabinets can come in any depth.

Command center cabinets in white shaker style.

How are Bathroom Vanities Attached?

You’ll attach your vanity to wall studs with long screws. Or you can opt to use wall anchors, which don’t have to be attached to studs. Some choose not to attach their vanities to the wall at all, however, attaching the vanity can help reduce stress on the plumbing and fixtures. When installing cabinets or vanities, it’s very important to check that they are level and plumb before attaching them.

Are Kitchen Cabinets Attached to the Floor?

For the most part, contractors don’t attach cabinets to the floor. They do, however, attach them to the wall studs and to the neighboring cabinets. Check for level and plumb then drill pilot holes and secure with screws.

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Do Bathroom Vanities Come in Different Heights?

This question and its sister question, “why are vanities so low?” has revolutionized the vanity industry. Standard vanities have been 30-32 inches in the past. Now, a concept called “comfort height” has made vanities the same height as kitchen cabinets, 34.5 inches. This a much more functional height for cabinets and vanities in both the bathroom and kitchen. Once again, custom cabinets can be made to any height.

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Are RTA Cabinets Worth It?

Based on the price and ease of DIY, many assume RTA cabinets are lower quality. Not true! The lower price is due to what we’re able to save on the back end with decreased storage needs, our ecommerce setup, and not having to hire craftspeople to assemble. All those savings we pass on to our customers.

Which kitchen cabinets are most durable? All our cabinets are either plywood, HDF, or MDF in construction with hardwood or HDF for the doors. All are excellent materials and you’ll find the same materials used in the highest-end cabinets on the market.

Which are the best materials for the bathroom? In a high moisture environment, each of these materials responds a bit differently. Hardwoods are not the best choice for the bathroom as they will expand and contract with humidity and temperature changes, which can cause warping and cracking in your finish. HDF comes out on top because it is as strong as wood but withstands the moisture better than wood.

Are RTA Cabinets for Contractors?

Contractors and other construction professionals are big fans of RTA cabinets and use them all the time. It’s the right combination of options, price, quality, and trade pro perks. Sign up for a Trade Professional account at RTA Cabinet Store and start enjoying the benefits.

Don’t see your question here? Go to our full list of RTA Cabinet Store FAQ to get the full picture. If you’re looking for design advice try our blog or talk to a design pro for free.

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