The Single Best Cozy Kitchen Idea You Shouldn’t Live Without

Cozy isn’t just for the bedroom or the living room. It’s for all your favorite spaces, including the kitchen.

You and your family spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Maybe you’re even dreaming of giving your kitchen a makeover. Before you get sucked into all the spotless white kitchens of Instagram, consider the value of a cozy kitchen.

Cozy is in. After all that time you spent at home during the pandemic, you, like most of America, craved some comfort. Surrounding yourself with a cozy setting guarantees you’ll always have a happy place to go to, literally.

The Cozy Kitchen Idea You Shouldn’t Go Without: Seating

There are lots of ways to up the cozy factor in your kitchen. But of all your options this is the one you should never overlook. A comfy kitchen should have lots of places to sit. Lots of places to encourage conversation. Lots of spots to curl up with a book in the sun. Lots of places to gather with friends while you cook or snack or lunch.

Center Your Seating

Pick a central area to arrange your seating around. This ensures that no one is left out and it visually grounds the space. The island makes a perfect center. Even though the island itself has limited seating, you can add additional seating oriented toward the island and get the same effect.

The dining table also makes a nice center to the seating in the room. Switch things up by adding a banquette along one side of the table. Add a few club chairs nearby to add even more seating.

Add a Nook

A nook is the ultimate in cozy seating. Put it next to some bay windows, add a drape or screen and you’ll have a little hideaway right in the kitchen. A nook can also double as a banquette for dining seating—it all depends on how you style it.

Under the counter nooks are growing in popularity too. These are mostly used for pets, but could also be great places for little ones to play while you cook.

Make it Plush

The kitchen tends to be covered in hard surfaces. Hard surfaces are easier to clean and in a space that gets messy fast, they make sense. But one of the easiest ways to make your seating more cozy is to bring in the plush factor. Add cushions to dining chairs. Use throw pillows on a banquette. Add overstuffed arm chairs or loveseats to the space. You’ll never want to leave the cozy kitchen!

Light and bright, this cozy kitchen provides plenty of opportunities to socialize.

More Cozy Kitchen Ideas

Once you’ve decided on your seating, you can turn your attention to some other ways to make your kitchen even cozier.

Use Warm Colors

A warm color palette immediately invites coziness into your kitchen design. Anything in the red, orange, yellow spectrum is a great accent color. Choose grays on the warm side or opt for greige or beige for your neutrals. Go with a warm white rather than a stark or cool one with blue or green undertones. Use warmer toned metallics in matte or brushed finishes.

Light It Up

Lighting is your best friend when it comes to cozy kitchen designs. Make sure to incorporate all three types of lighting: ambient, task, and accent for a fully lit, inviting space. Choose lightbulbs that are in the warm spectrum.

Soften Textures

The kitchen is full of hard smooth surfaces, but you can mix it up for a softer, cozier feel. Choose soapstone for your countertops. Add textiles to the space in pillows, blankets, and cushions. Go with brushed and matte finishes.

Style for Softness

Some design styles naturally carry a cozier feel than others. All vintage styles have a warmth built in that comes with the history and stories that a style like this brings with it. Country styles like modern farmhouse are naturally cozy as well. Choose Shaker cabinets to add instant warmth to a rustic style. A plate rack has a vintage feel that will allow you to display antiques or favorite dishes that warm your heart.

Invite Naturals

Natural materials have a warmth that instantly ups your cozy factor. Consider wood, rustic stone, brick, wool rugs, etc. to make the kitchen feel cozier.

Install a Fireplace

A fireplace provides both literal warmth and visual warmth that is unmatched in adding coziness to your kitchen. You can add an electric fireplace easily to any room of the house to enjoy added warmth.

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