RTA Cabinets vs Lowe’s

What We Have That They Don’t . . .

It’s easy to go down to your local Lowe’s home improvement store, pick out your kitchen cabinets, and start on your project in a few days. But wait a minute . . . in the cabinet world you just effectively limited yourself to a single continent without considering the rest of the planet.

What do you miss out on if you don’t go to a big box store? Convenience maybe. But it might be just as convenient (or even more so) to shop online and have them delivered to your doorstep.

Take a deeper dive with us into what you get with RTA cabinets vs Lowes. You might just find that you prefer the online experience to the big box one.

Wider Selection

Because Lowe’s has to stock cabinets for customer purchase, they can’t offer as wide a selection as the RTA cabinets you’ll find online. Online cabinet stores don’t have to stock product at a customer-accessible site. We can completely skip from distribution right to your door without a store in between.

That means we can stock a much larger selection of cabinets while Lowe’s may only have five or so styles in stock. Other styles may be available at Lowe’s but aren’t in stock and have to be shipped into the store or to your location, which can take weeks.

On the other hand, if you select a cabinet style from our Quick Ship Guarantee™ program (12 plus styles available), cabinets ship out in three days guaranteed. That’s double the selection and faster shipping than you can get at Lowe’s.

Quick Ship Guarantee™

It can take 7-21 days for most cabinet competitors to get your order out the door. Our Quick Ship Guarantee™ promises that your cabinets will leave our facility within three business days or we’ll refund you 10% (up to $250) of the purchase price.

Choose from 12 of the most popular cabinet styles and get them lightening fast. You can plan on starting your project in a week or so with a guarantee like that.

Semi-Custom Availability

If you’re looking for kitchen cabinets outside the basic, ordinary layout, you want semi-custom cabinets. You might think that you need to go into a store and talk face to face with a representative if you need any custom elements for your kitchen . . . nope.

RTA Cabinet Store offers semi-custom cabinets so you can mix and match your kitchen to your heart’s content. If you’re not sure you have the skills to know exactly what you need, enter your kitchen measurements into our layout tool. It will help you find the right components in the right sizes. If all else fails, get free design help from one of our kitchen design pros.

Semi-custom cabinets generally cost more and take longer to get (8-10 weeks). You can skip that long wait entirely with cabinets from RTA Cabinet Store. You could have them within a week (depending on when you order) if you select from the Quick Ship Guarantee™ product lines.

Lower Prices

Prices for RTA cabinets are 30-40% lower than big box stores like Lowe’s. How can that be? Big box stores have lots of overhead. They have to transport cabinets to their location and store them. They have to create displays to show the cabinets on the floor. They have to ship anything they don’t have in stock to their store or to you. All of that costs money.

That extra cost gets tacked on to the cabinets, which you pay for. Online RTA cabinets have much less overhead so we can afford to cut our prices considerably. The savings gets passed on to you.


Samples of cabinet doors might not seem like that much of a benefit at first. But samples allow you to take a cabinet home with you to check out how the color and finish look in your space.

You can compare how it fits with your existing decor. You can see how it reacts to the lighting you have. You can look at it for a while and decide if you really like the style or color.

RTA Cabinet Store offers full door samples of quarter door samples. If you simply want to check the finish against your kitchen, a quarter door should be sufficient. If you want to consider the color in your lighting or aren’t sure about the style, a full door may be the best way to find the perfect cabinet. Best of all, your samples are refundable toward your purchase.

Wondering if you should go with RTA cabinets vs Lowes? With lower price, bigger selection, and faster shipping from RTA cabinets, the answer is clear. Learn more about why RTA Cabinet Store offers you more.

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