RTA Cabinet Store Introduces New “Live Chat” Component

We take every customer request and recommendation to heart (some of them are easy to implement, and then there are some that are just too complicated).  One suggestion that we had from a very good customer was to add a live help feature to the website.   While we are still working out a couple of hiccups in the service, we are proud to offer a live chat service on the website.  Any time that you see the "Live Chat Online" highlighted on the main page, that means that one of our sales people are available to offer live help.  This will give our customers the ability to ask questions while they are in the process of ordering cabinets.


There is a delay in initial communication which we are still trying to work through, but this will allow our customers to interact with our sales team without having to wait for a call back or the need to pick up a telephone.  Our goal is to make someone available as often as possible to give that extra level of service that most companies just can’t offer.   Stay tuned for more additions to the website, including granite vanity tops and our own line of decorative knobs and pulls!

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