RTA Cabinet Store Improving the Customer Experience

As RTA Cabinet Store continues to grow, we have undoubtly gone through some growing pains, like any other company.  One of the hardest aspects, especially in the cabinet industry, where there are inevitably going to be a lot of technical and design questions, is keeping up with customer service.  While we continue to add people to our customer service team, we also spent the past couple of months revamping the whole customer experience.

You will notice some significant changes to both the website, and how you interact with our team in the office.  First, we upgraded our chat system.  We are in the process of tying your chat name into your order/account, which will allow us to view your cart, past orders, and claims just by seeing your user name in the chat system.

You will also notice at the top of the website, a new NEED HELP? button.  This gives you more ways than ever to reach someone in our office.   With the options for email, phone, chat, and common questions, all in one place… you should be able to get the answer to any and all of your questions.

When it comes to calling the main office, we have upgraded our entire phone system.  We added a bunch of new lines, so that we can handle more incoming calls, and added direct extensions for all of the major departments.  As with the chat, we will soon be able to pull up your account, based on the phone number that you are calling in from so that all of your information will be at the customer service persons finger tips when you call.

We are streamlining the claims process, making it easier to file a claim and get replacement parts…expediting the process for you.  This is an industry leading initiative that we are taking, which we are really excited about.

In the end, our goal is make sure that our customers are satisfied with every order, and when they are not, that we can help address any issues that may have occurred in a timely manner.  In the end we want our customers to keep coming back, sharing their projects and pictures with us, and spreading the word about RTA Cabinet Store!  Keep checking back for some other exciting changes coming to the website and our product lines.

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