Inspiration Series: Modern Kitchen Trends

Mid-Mod and modern kitchens have been at the forefront of design for several years and they aren’t going anywhere. But modern style is evolving to include creative applications and more functionality. “Slather on the modern vibe but make it your own” is the mentality that comes with modern kitchen trends right now. Here are some modern kitchen ideas you can adapt to your space.

Multi-Tasking Spaces

Everybody loves a good multi-tasking room. Especially after the year we spent at home during the COVID outbreak, rooms that could double as living space and working space were necessary. If you found that your breakfast nook turned into a WFH (work from home) space, you weren’t the only one.

The pandemic of 2020 definitely had an impact on design. Modern kitchen ideas and inspiration started to include more room for the family and the dog to congregate in the kitchen for more than just eating. Consider incorporating more power outlets, charging stations, and storage in the kitchen for work.

Backsplash As Art

Modern design always has a place for showy details. These began to pop up on the backsplash lately and the options are limitless. Anything that draws attention will work for this modern kitchen trend: patterned wallpaper, bold colored tile, bright metallics.

One trend we’re seeing a lot of on the modern backsplash is mirrors. Add some detail to the mirror by making it a mosaic or painting a design on it to further enhance the effect.

Gold kitchen faucet in a modern kitchen.

Brighter Metallics

Metallics are a key component of the modern style. Lately there has been a turn to brighter, shinier metallics like chrome, brass, and gold. Apply liberally and you’ll have mastered a modern kitchen trend.

If all that gleam feels a little 80s to you, you’re doing it right. Mid-modern style influenced by the trends of the 1970s and 80s has almost become a trend unto itself.

Softening the Angles

Geometrics and angles are one of the things that define modern style but today you’ll see that being softened with the addition of some curves and natural shapes.

Architectural components like archways alongside modern edginess are a good way to achieve this modern kitchen trend. The organic movement of veined marble does the same. Incorporate plenty of texture into the kitchen to balance the hard lines.

Ultra modern kitchen with waterfall countertop on the island.

Creative Geometrics

Geometric shapes are another standard of modern style. There has been much more creativity in the use of geometrics of late. Many are binging in subtle geometrics that blend into the background but still provide a modern feel.

A checkered floor in neutral colors, cabinets with geometric outline (like Shaker) that go all the way to the ceiling, or a geometric backsplash tile in a softly veined marble are all ways to achieve this. One of the hottest trends of this sort is the waterfall countertop. Instead of ending where countertops usually do, it turns the corner from horizontal to vertical and ends at the floor.

Revised Minimalism

Modern is about as minimal a style as you can find. But lately it’s been loosening up a bit. Case in point: open shelving. Open shelving is minimalist by itself, but it also allows you to add some vignettes, display your favorite cookbooks, and show off your collection of salt shakers.

Add some personality to your kitchen and don’t worry about disrupting the modern vibe. Modern style welcomes a bit more of the eclectic these days.

Dramatic marble backsplash and seamless flat panel cabinets in a white kitchen.

Complexity Disguised by Smooth & Seamless Design

Smooth, seamless surfaces are characteristic of modern kitchens but can we be real? It’s a kitchen. It has a lot going on. Smooth and seamless doesn’t have to mean that you have no storage or can’t have your kitchen implements right where you need them.

Flat panel cabinets are your best friend. They give you that smooth look and conceal oodles of storage. Creative use of drawers instead of cabinets are a great way to get a functional kitchen without disrupting the smooth exterior. Or you can blend seamless elements with busier elements and still achieve a modern look with a seamless floor or unadorned walls.

Large Scale

Modern design has no problem going bold. If you’re a little uncomfortable with bold in your kitchen design, that’s ok. You don’t have to choose bold colors or standout patterns to get a bold kitchen.

One of the hottest modern kitchen trends right now is large scale additions: big works of art on the wall, large statement light fixtures, even an oversized island will work.

Pops of bright red/orange in a white modern kitchen.

Lighter, Brighter Colors

Modern often embraces very dark color palettes. Lately, we’ve seen much lighter, brighter colors and neutrals in modern kitchen trends. As always, high contrast color schemes are always welcome too.

Go for light woods and plenty of white. Add pops of bright color. Don’t forget to include metallics. Every modern color palette should have at least one metallic. Metallics add color and shine but blend with most colors easily.

Ready to take these modern kitchen ideas and make them your own? This evolved modern style will set your kitchen apart as the place to be.

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