Mixing & Matching: Bringing a Popular Jewelry Trend into Your Kitchen

When it comes to interior design, we rarely think about transferring the look and feel of our favorite fashion items – like jewelry, purses, or shoes – into the rooms of our home. 

For some reason, what we wear seems separate from how we decorate our homes, but this shouldn’t be the case! In truth, your personal style can be translated not just to the clothing on your back, but to the materials, layout, and overall aura of your home. 

If you consider yourself a fashionista, you’ve likely seen the must-try jewelry trend of mixing and matching necklaces. While it was once all about wearing jewelry piece by piece or in matching sets, now the hottest influencers in fashion are combining multiple pendants, chains, metals, and styles of necklaces in a game of mix-and-match – and we can’t get enough!

The key to nailing the mix-and-match jewelry trend is to pay attention to balance. You want to make sure all of the elements you choose fit seamlessly together and evoke a sense of harmony. For example, there’s nothing wrong with wearing a bold, statement necklace, so long as the rest of your jewelry is balanced out by smaller pieces so you only have one prominent accessory. 

To bring this trend into your home’s interior design, a great room to incorporate mixing and matching is the kitchen. We are hereby freeing you from sticking to a prescribed kitchen layout with identical cabinetry! Why not spice things up and make your kitchen reflect a more contemporary style by giving your cabinets a fresh update? 

For all you fashionistas out there, let’s take a look at 3 ways to translate the mix-and-match jewelry trend to the design of your kitchen cabinets.

1. Play Around with Color

Introducing unique colors to your kitchen is a perfect route to creating a mix-and-match design. Utilizing different tones will allow you to elevate and accentuate certain sections of the kitchen, like your cabinets. 

One way to do this is to install two-tone cabinetry – or to choose one color for your upper cabinets and a different color for your lower ones. You can opt for a bold and contrasting pairing, like white uppers and black lowers. You can also keep things more subtle with a pairing like grey uppers and white lowers. 

Or, select a different cabinet color for your island cabinets than the cabinets around the perimeter of your kitchen. Dark blue is a popular pop of color for island cabinets, while a more neutral color remains the foundation of the kitchen design

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2. Create a Blend of Vintage and Contemporary Cabinets

Blending opposing architectural eras in your home’s interiors is another way to translate the popular mix-and-match jewelry trend into your kitchen. 

For example, you can install a contemporary option like these Gladwyne Slab Kitchen Cabinets for your uppers and lowers, and then add a freestanding vintage unit that you picked up from a flea market or secondhand store as additional storage. You can also incorporate a solo unit as a pantry or serving bar that has its own unique style compared to the rest of the cabinetry.

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3. Mix and Match Your Materials

A final idea for your kitchen’s interiors that’s inspired by the mix-and-match jewelry trend is to alternate the materials of your cabinets. Using a range of materials – from metals and marbles to stoneware and wood – can provide a real touch of drama and excitement in the kitchen, and the cabinets are a great starting point for doing so.

One way to mix and match your cabinet materials is to isolate one material for your uppers and lowers (like these wooden Florence White Shaker Cabinets) and select a different material entirely for your kitchen island. For example, you could mix concrete and wood, or laminate and metal. Just make sure that the material choice makes sense from a technical perspective.

Just as you would for your trendiest jewelry pairings, mixing and matching your kitchen cabinets gives you the freedom to blend styles, colors, and materials to create a look that truly reflects you. Ready to get started? Check out our tips for adding two-tone cabinets.

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