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Kitchen Island Design Ideas

While we do sell pre-built kitchen islands, adding custom elements to kitchen island designs has so many possibilities, you should take the opportunity to explore them. There are really three primary functions of an island: eating area, food prep area, and cooking space. An island can do any combination of these. Build your island around how you function in the kitchen and it will become the functional and visual center of the kitchen. Add a few bonus elements like a wine rack or spice cabinet and, voila! You have the kitchen island design of your dreams.

Eating & Seating Area

Most people build a kitchen island with the intention of having extra seating. When you build a seating area into an island, you will only be able to incorporate cabinets under the island and any appliances on one side. The countertop will overhang the island to accommodate leg room—decreasing the size of the base of the island. You may want to consider a built-in bar, which will be higher than the rest of the island, which adds design interest as well as eating and seating area.

Food Prep

When the primary function of the island is going to be food prep, you may want to consider a sink and potentially a dishwasher built in to your island. If you want to double up and have some seating at the island too, you can place base cabinets back to back so you have storage that doesn’t interrupt your seating.

Cooking Space

The growing trend in kitchen design is to use undermounted stoves and microwaves. Often when you incorporate one of these into your kitchen design, they naturally fit in the island, especially a larger island. A cooktop, with undermounted microwave or oven will give you plenty of food prep area for even gourmet chefs. Combined with seating, this type of kitchen island design usually becomes the focal point of the room and even the focal point of the house.

Customize Your Kitchen Island Design

There are literally thousands of combinations of layouts, cabinets, and accessories that can be used for designing an island. Adding plate or wine racks, spice cabinets, and other specialty items to your island will make it unique to you.

Discover more ideas when you go to any kitchen cabinet page on our website and look for the “design ideas” tab. There you’ll see lots of ideas for customizing your island.

We scoured some of the interior designer sites and found some of the coolest islands . . . then took the design and re-created it with our cabinets, to show you the possibilities out there. 

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