Kitchen Contest Starts Off With a Bang!

Today the voting started for the Kitchen Renovation Contest, and the feedback has been unbelievable so far.   Within the first couple of hours we received over 500 votes, and they keep coming!  Since this was the first year we tried this style of contest and the first year we outsourced it to another company, we had a couple of hiccups which we are working through (you didn’t really expect it work without a little glitch, did you?), but all together the first day of voting started off with a bang.

I was overly impressed with the quality of work and effort that everybody put into their videos.  Not only was the quality of each video better than I expected, but the transformations that were produced from each renovation were just astounding.  Any of our contestants want to come over and remodel my house? 🙂

Even if you don’t have a video in the contest, help out our contestants by submitting your vote for the best video!  Keep checking back to see who wins.

Kitchen Renovation Contest

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