Kitchen Cabinet Knobs and Pulls

There are so many components that go into a kitchen, and so many color combinations that it can be overwhelming.  Simply changing one aspect can give your kitchen an entirely different look.  One of items that you would least expect to have as much of an impact is the cabinet hardware–  the knobs and pulls.  Even just using a different knob or pull on the same cabinet can have a dramatic affect and change the look/feel of the kitchen.

To give as much of a selection of knobs and pulls and possible, we have partnered with another manufacturer to offer a full line of hardware for you to select from.  When you go to check out, it will automatically calculate how many you will need and give you options of what styles to select.   Combine that with the installation templates, and you are all set for a complete kitchen (minus the countertops).

The next step, which is going to be really cool, is that you will actually be able to see the knobs overlaid on the cabinets!  This will help you visualize EXACTLY what it will look like on the cabinet line that you chose.   This should be up and running in a couple of weeks.

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