Kitchen Cabinet Installation: Save your sanity by doing some prep work!

A good friend of mine recently bought the Marquis Cinnamon Cabinets for both their kitchen and bathroom.  They have an old rowhouse from the 1900’s, and as you can imagine, none of the walls are straight or plumb.  They initially thought it would take a day or two to install the entire kitchen, but they made the fatal mistake of not prepping the walls…..   with an older home you can almost guarantee that the floors and walls are going to be straight, level, or plumb so you can save yourself a whole lot of headaches and aggravation by taking some steps to prep the room.   The most important thing you can do before even bringing the first cabinet in, is to find all of the high and low spots on the floor, and any waves in the walls (check out our installation and assembly section for additional instructions).   By doing this, you will know where you might run into problems.  If you want to make sure that your cabinets are all level and straight, your best friend on this project is going to be a pile of shims.  When all else fails- shim, shim, and shim again!   By taking the time to prep the room and mark your low spots, it will help have your sanity when installing your kitchen cabinets and ensure a successful project.

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