Introducing Quick Ship Cabinets

Guaranteed to Ship Out in 3 Days

Do you ever wish you could get the convenience and speed of Amazon Prime delivery for all your kitchen remodeling products? Now you can. Introducing the Quick Ship Guarantee™. It promises your cabinets ship out in three days or we pay you!

Why Quick Ship Cabinets?

It can take 7-21 days to get ready-to-assemble cabinets (even when you order online). Or if you get semi-custom or custom cabinets you might be waiting months and months before they are ready. In a world of quick turnaround for consumers, it just makes sense to provide a similar experience for cabinets too.

It’s pretty standard to find quality cabinets made of plywood and hardwood online today. You can find free professional design services at most cabinet websites. We offer you both, plus nearly double the selection of most vendors, online or off. We’ve set up perk-filled commercial accounts for our trade pros with discount pricing, referral programs, and dedicated designers. We’ve worked hard to have a responsive and helpful sales team and customer service team so you always have help when you need it.

But all that wasn’t enough. We wanted to give you something you couldn’t get anywhere else. Thus, quick ship RTA cabinets was born.

“We wanted to offer more value. We wanted to treat all our customers like they were our mom or aunt,” said Todd Nickell, RTA Cabinet Store Brand Leader. He continued, “Speed is just another way we are making RTA Cabinet Store your number one choice for kitchen cabinets and design.”

Cabinets ready to ship out on a pallet.

How Does the Quick Ship Cabinet Guarantee Work?

Imagine having a new kitchen in just two weeks. Imagine ordering cabinets exactly when you’re ready for them and not having to wait for weeks or months before you can finish your project. That’s just a few of the perks the Quick Ship Guarantee© offers you.

Here are the details.

Choose from 12 hot cabinet designs, including Shaker cabinets, and have them delivered to you fast. You could order and install cabinets in the same week, if you time it right.

  • Cabinet orders leave our warehouse in 3 days or fewer
  • 100% of the order ships together
  • 10% refund (up to $250) if cabinets don’t ship out in 3 days

Knowing exactly when you can count on your order shipping out will help you plan precisely. You can avoid delays and the costs associated with them. If you order before 12pm ET, the day you order counts as day one. If you order after noon, your order date is the day following.

The Quick Ship Guarantee© is the only one of its kind in the cabinet industry. No one else is offering anything even remotely close to this kind of speedy shipping. We also offer an easy claims process if your cabinets don’t ship out on time. However, our proactive team will likely refund you before you even get the chance to worry about a claim.

Large, white kitchen with dark contrasting hardware.

How Long Does It Take to Get Quick Ship Cabinets?

Once the cabinets leave the warehouse, delivery time is varied based on where the job site is. For most locations in the contiguous United States, cabinets can arrive in a week to two weeks. The closer you are to our distribution center in the south-eastern U.S., the faster they’ll get to you.

Take measurements carefully and double check them before ordering to ensure you get everything you need and that it’s correct. That’s really the only thing that might slow your project down. You may want to consider using our cabinet layout tool to help you visualize and order the right cabinets. Trade pro customers have access to a dedicated designer and customer service representative as well to make sure you have everything on site and on time.

Learn more about the quick ship RTA cabinets guarantee and start browsing the selection.

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