Interested in Getting Your House on an HGTV or DIY Network Show?

Since we started participating in the home improvement shows, I have been getting a lot of inquiries as to how you (the homeowner) can get your house on one of the many shows that are filmed for HGTV and the DIY Network.

Each show has it’s own unique requirements- some require the homeowner to cover all of the costs, others help pay for some of the construction costs. The whole experience is quite exciting, even from our end, just watching the project come together.

So if you are interested in getting your home on one of the shows, here are two links for shows that are currently looking for homeowners. The lists constantly change and not all of the shows are run by the same production company, so if you are really interested in getting on TV, I would suggest submitting your info for as many applicable shows as you can. Good luck! Let us know if you make it on to any of the shows.

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7 thoughts on “Interested in Getting Your House on an HGTV or DIY Network Show?

  1. My husband & I just purchased a foreclosure home in Jarales, NM. We are huge DIY fans!

  2. im a retired marine gunnery sgt..57 years old..i have a bathroom that if full of mold and needs to to be replaced, love to have hgtv interview me for a possibly show being done on my home ..hopefully someone at the show will take pitty on me and check to see if i would be a good fit for their show…thank u for ur time..Ronald G. number 409-779-7492 ..i live in groves texas just outside of beaumont..

    1. Ronald- Unfortunately we don’t have much pull in getting a particular house on the show, but you can certainly submit your info and hopefully they will pick your house. Best of luck!

  3. We need help ! Are kitchen is 25 years old ! I would love a new kitchen …My son who is 8 watches your shows all the time .. He asked me to email you !!! Damien wants to surprise his Mommy !! We would love to surprise her .. After four kids she deserves to like her kitchen . Thank you

    1. We are getting ready to launch our annual kitchen giveaway contest. This might be your chance to get a free kitchen!

  4. I am looking to get my kitchen remodeled. It hasnt been updated since the mid 1980’s counter space is not functional and the great room that was added doesnt compliment the kitchen.

  5. My husband and I are in the long process of turning our old chicken house into a very unusual home and need back yard done. All are time is spent inside. Way over our head for outside expertise. Need diy help. We are in indiana.

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