How to Nail Your Kitchen Design: Pairing Cabinets & Flooring

We all know how important it is to have a kitchen that’s ready for many different functions, events, and activities. From decorating holiday cookies and whipping up nightly meals to hosting friends for wine tastings, the kitchen is often described as “the heart of the home,” and with good reason.

Kitchens notonly nourish tthe body, but they also nourish the soul with meaningfully wholesome gatherings and conversation. This is why the foundational elements of your kitchen are so important – and perhaps none are more essential to the overall look and functionality of this space than the cabinets and flooring.

Cabinets and flooring play a significant role in setting the tone of the kitchen, and if these two elements don’t match or at least complement each other, the entire ambiance will be negatively impacted.

Let’s examine why the design and style of your kitchen’s cabinets and flooring should be considered in tandem, and how you can choose the best combination with the help of samples.

A grey on grey kitchen featuring Florence Grey Shaker cabinets by the RTA Cabinet Store
Florence Gray Shaker Cabinets

Why Cabinets & Flooring Go Hand in Hand

No kitchen would be complete without cabinets and flooring. These two elements form the foundation or backdrop for the rest of the kitchen’s design, acting as fundamental infrastructure for things like seating, appliances, and storage.

Both cabinets and flooring serve a functional purpose within a kitchen, making them critical components of the layout. Cabinets are necessary for storage and organization, while flooring is needed to support all of the activity and foot traffic.

Beyond these basic functional reasons, cabinets and flooring also serve an aesthetic purpose and contribute in a major way to a kitchen’s style, aesthetic, and tone. For instance, hardwood flooring can create a warm, inviting feel, while high-gloss cabinets tend to reflect a sleek and contemporary look.

Depending on the way you combine your cabinets and flooring – in terms of color, material, and even shape – can greatly influence how cohesive the kitchen will look in its totality. Conversely, mismatched or poorly chosen cabinets and flooring can create an unappealing and disjointed look that detracts from the space’s design aesthetic.

Thus, choosing a combination of cabinets and flooring that complement each other and establish a defined, synchronous foundation is key to a well-styled kitchen.

A flat lay of products used as a mood board with Weston Sand Shaker cabinets, white herringbone tile, and light walnut flooring.
Weston Sand Shaker Cabinet

The Secret Behind Every Great Cabinet & Flooring Combination

If you are in the midst of remodeling your kitchen or are starting on a new kitchen design from scratch, it can be pretty overwhelming to take stock of the hundreds and hundreds of cabinet and flooring options. Choosing the right combination is no simple task, but ordering samples ahead of time is your best bet for a successful pairing.

Ordering samples is the most foolproof way to make sure there is compatibility between your cabinets and flooring. If the flooring is already installed, it’s a smart idea to order cabinet door samples and use them to determine the best color or material that will match the existing floor.

Several sample cabinet doors laid out on the diagonal.

Full-Size Cabinet Door Samples

We offer all RTA Cabinet customers the chance to order full-size cabinet door samples and receive fast and free shipping, so that you can see our products first-hand and make sure your choice is perfect.

Plus, you can take advantage of our samples discount: once you’re ready to purchase one of our cabinets, you can credit your samples toward your order. You may also return your samples for a full refund, so long as you pay the return shipping!

With the ability to receive cabinet door samples directly, it only makes sense to see and feel the texture and quality of the materials prior to purchasing. This way, you can see how the cabinets will look alongside the flooring, so you can ensure everything blends together seamlessly.

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