House Crashers- Special Veterans Episode

House Crashers is doing a special episode to help renovate a V.F.W. and RTA Cabinet Store is helping out!  We will be helping to renovate the V.F.W. hall and give our veterans a great hall to socialize in.   The V.F.W. hall is a big project, and should put a different spin on how you can use RTA cabinets.  They will be featuring our Bordeaux Shaker cabinets, which will be the first time we have ever used them for a TV show.  The show will be filming in the next couple of weeks, so keep an eye out for pictures once the show airs. 

In addition to the House Crashers, we are also working on a couple of other shows including Good, Better, Best,  and Rescue Renovation.  We are starting the year off with a bang, and really doing some great projects with the networks.  Our flooring was just featured in two shows as well, so keep an eye for that footage in the next week or so.

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