New Features Added to the Contractor Program

We continue to try to find new ways to add value to our contractor program to make sure that all of the contractors we work with are not only getting great cabinets at the best prices on the internet, but to also make sure that we are creating added value to their business.    We just completed our latest feature of the contractor program… our contractor search engine.

We have a lot of customers that are looking for dependable, trustworthy contractors that have experience installing our cabinets.   So we created a portal that will help to connect home owners in need of help with contractors that have the experience.   If you log into your account, you can now add your website address, logo, and a brief description of your business.   The link will give customers direct access to your website as well as the SEO value of being linked to a high ranking site like ours.   The description will let you sum up the strengths of your business and give a little sales pitch to each customer who views your profile.

For our customers, they will be able to go to our Find a Contractor page, and search for contractors in their area.   The search results will look much like the image on this blog, and will give the added feature of a star rating system which will indicate the level of experience you have in using our cabinets (the more kitchens you have purchased, the more stars you will have).   As long as you have an active account in the past 9 months, your business will show up in the search results.   You could be getting free business just for buying cabinets from us! (How great is that!!!!).

So if you haven’t added your website, business description, and logo to your account… what are you waiting for?  You could be missing out on valuable leads.

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