Design Trends from KBIS Show (Kitchen and Bath International Show)

The KBIS show this year had a lot of new design trends that could be easily implemented into any kitchen or bath, regardless of your budget.   Some of it was over the top, others were just improvements on current products. Let’s take a look at them for each room.

When it came to the kitchen, there were several products that were unique and really stuck out for me.   From backsplashes, to kitchen cabinet finishes, appliances,  and a huge amount of new sink styles, the trends for the kitchen were more than I anticipated.   Over the next couple of days, we will highlight some of the new trends and show you how you can incorporate them into your kitchen design, regardless of your budget.

We were focused on primarily the bathroom vanities for the bathroom, but there was definitely a new “theme” in the design of vanities. Booth and booth had at least one, if not several of the same style of vanity. When it came to vanity tops, granite was not the featured material. Everything from porcelein, to bamboo, to composite granite was being used in the displays. Keep your eyes out for some new vanity top styles being added to the site soon!

Latest Gadget
Let’s face it… everyone loves new gadgets! Whether it is electronics or new appliances, everyone likes to have the latest and greatest gadgets in their house. We will also feature some of the latest appliances, and a couple of innovative ways to open your cabinets and other doors in your house (think George Jetson style!).

So check back over the next couple of days for some pictures and design ideas straight from the Kitchen and Bath International Show.

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