Creative and Classic Applications of Shaker Cabinets

If you think a little about the centuries of inspiration that make up your home, you may be surprised to learn that many of the most common features date back to the 18th century. That’s right – things like richly carved wood and fabrics like silk or velvet all became popularized in the 18th century and are still features we like to integrate today.

Another timeless element of home decor that also emerged in this era is the classic Shaker cabinet. Shaker cabinets, whether installed in a bathroom as storage or as the foundation for your kitchen, are celebrated for their clean lines and simplicity.

Not only is the Shaker style ideal for a brand new home, but it is also an easy style to implement during a renovation and will instantly update any space to reflect a more contemporary design. In fact, many of our past and current customers have relied on Shaker cabinets to completely transform their spaces.

Since there are so many different ways to bring Shaker cabinets to life, we wanted to pinpoint some of our favorite classic and creative applications. Let these examples inspire your next project!

Provincial-Style Kitchen with a Stunning Modern Flair

First on our list of favorites is this gorgeous provincial-style kitchen, which features our Weston Sand Shaker Cabinets. This project turned out to be a jaw-dropping example of the impact Shaker cabinets can have on a space, giving off a warm and inviting tone that matches the kitchen’s other modern elements – like the marble countertops and brushed gold fixtures.

Thanks to the Shaker cabinets’ sandy color, they create a perfectly cohesive framework for the rest of the space, allowing both the provincial and modern styles to meld together in harmony.

A Refreshed, Coastal Motel to Bring Guests Joy

Next up is this use of our Florence White Shaker cabinets in a truly unique Floridian remodel of an outdated four-suite motel. A work of love, reimagining and redoing the “Joie Inn” on Anna Maria Island became Ashley and Dino Petrone’s passion project.

The duo were set on maintaining the motel (and island’s) nostalgic feel, which made choosing items that were clean, durable, and classic a must. Thus, opting for ready-to-assemble cabinets in a simple white color was the obvious option, and now, these cabinets are an inseparable part of each motel suite.

Building a Work Wonderland with Opulent Organization

Of course, it’s important to mention that Shaker cabinets don’t only work well in bathrooms and kitchens – they can be great in alternative spaces, too, like mud or laundry rooms and home offices. Take, for example, this lovely first-floor office featuring Midnight Blue Shaker cabinets.

Since the rest of the space is centered around natural wood tones, bringing in these colorful Shaker cabinets adds immediate personality and flair. With ample storage, the cabinets will make it easy for this office to remain highly organized, offering a dedicated home for paperwork, files, extra tech, or anything else that detracts from a stress-free set-up.

Creating a Mood with Black-and-White Contrast

A final example of a beautiful Shaker cabinet application is this black-and-white kitchen transformation by one of our customers. The project involved a seemingly mundane, gray-toned kitchen being brought to life with new black Shaker cabinets.

The 80-year-old craftsman kitchen needed to be repurposed, and choosing black statement cabinets in the Shaker style was the best option for making everything feel more contemporary. Not only are the black cabinets smooth and sexy, but they act in contrast to the other light and airy white elements. This creates a hint of drama within the space, with the black Shaker cabinets as the foundation of the kitchen.

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