5 Home Trends to Avoid

Trends that Might Tank Your Home’s Value

The nature of a trend is that it comes and goes. Though many home trends tend to stick around for a decade or more, if you want to protect the value of your home for potential buyers, there are definitely some trends you should steer clear of.

Here are five home trends to avoid to keep your home relevant in the market today.

1. Too Bold Colors

You see bold color choices in design all over Instagram and TikTok. Statement-making colors are one of the most popular interior trends over the last several years. But, the Home Improvement Trends Report by Rated People has found that bold colors can be a turn off for potential buyers.

Dark blue and dark gray walls are especially problematic for homebuyers. The sentiment extends to bold colors on things like the kitchen and bathroom faucets and fixtures. Black and copper were noted as non-desirables for taps and showers.

Cabinets too, are no exception. More neutral colors (and lighter in shade) are what homebuyers are looking for. The vast majority of the selection at RTA Cabinet Store is in the neutral range with a few bolder selections. You can count on us to provide cabinets in colors and styles with longevity.

Beige bathroom with shower and no tub.

2. No Bathtub

While many bathroom designs are leaning away from the bathtub, it seems homebuyers see that as a downside. Combo shower/tubs for smaller bathrooms and separate bathtubs and walk-in showers for larger bathrooms are still the way to go.

Homebuyers today are forward thinking. In the current environment, many plan to stay put for a while, if not for the rest of their lives. If they are young, they want kid-friendly options that offer them plenty of flexibility. If they are older, they want age-in-place options that will enable easy living through their golden years.

The bathtub is an invaluable asset for making a home more accessible and flexible for all kinds of family situations. Don’t opt to get rid of it in your remodel if you want to keep your home value up.

Bathroom with highly patterned tile on the floor.

3. Wrong Floors

According to Rated People’s Home Improvement Trends Report 2022, TikTok and Instagram promotes a bold floor as one of the best things that could increase your home’s value. However, do it wrong and your home’s value could take a hit instead of a boost.

For instance, carpet in the bathroom, tile in living spaces and bedrooms, painted floorboards, and patterned floor tiles could all be deal breakers for potential homebuyers. Though it may seem boring to you, basic may be better when it comes to flooring if you want to maintain home value.

Keep tile in bathrooms and kitchens. LImit carpet to bedrooms and living spaces you’ll be in a good place. Wood or many LVT options are great for open format spaces that call for the same flooring throughout.

Close up of old window.
Condensation on an old window of a home

4. Old Stuff

Anything that’s outdated (style wise or functionally) is a big red flag for homebuyers. Specifically original sash windows, old water heaters, wood paneled or textured walls, etc. could all spell disaster for your home’s value.

Give special attention to items that affect efficiency, like kitchen appliances, toilets, faucets, HVAC, airtight windows and doors. Mindful homebuyers aren’t interested in a home that drains their bank accounts just because they aren’t efficient.

Old stuff also has a big impact on the ambiance of your home. If the style is dated, homebuyers will place less value on your home and that translates directly into how much money they’ll offer you. A solid, neutral style update goes a long way.

5. Inability to Personalize

All the design experts are telling you to add touches of the unique to your design; touches of you to personalize your space. This is why bold colors, statement walls, and wallpaper or decals are so popular. But there’s a downside to all the personalization: it makes it hard for potential homebuyers to visualize the space as their own.

Keep to neutral colors, simple patterns, and smoother textures to keep your home in the zone that homebuyers can appreciate. While that sounds vanilla, that’s exactly what you’re going for. Who doesn’t like vanilla? It’s the best base for building an epic sundae complete with a selection of the toppings you like best.

Home staging is a key trick real estate agents use to boost value in the eyes of potential buyers. You’ll notice that they dress homes in such a way that it entices buyers to imagine rather than dictating to them how the space works. Do your best to show off the perks of your space without forcing your personality and tastes onto onlookers.

Before you take a hammer to the wall and start renovating, take a moment to consider home trends to avoid so you don’t bring down the value of your home.

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