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Sinks should never be overlooked when designing or remodeling. In the kitchen, function and size play much larger roles than in the bathroom, so you have a little bit more room to play around in terms of style when it comes to the bathroom sink. Of course you want a sink that will fulfill its true purpose, but also keep in mind that the bathroom is a very personal space in the home. You can really put your style stamp on the space and choose elements that truly speak to your personality.

Luckily, RTA Cabinet Store has some unique and very chic options. Our glass sinks for example come in almost any shape and color imaginable. With frosted, textured, and printed glass options available, these are more than just sinks, they are works of art. Our beautiful natural stone sinks are the epitome of elegance with rich coloring and glossy finishes. Or, consider one of the truly unique copper sinks we have available to create the ultimate focal point. In addition to under mount sinks, we also offer some gorgeous vessel sinks that draw attention the minute you walk into the room.

At RTA Cabinet Store we offer a full line of quality home products that are built to last and stand the test of time and our sinks are no exception. These bathroom sinks are made from highly durable materials that are not only beautiful, but also resilient. Our bathroom sinks are available in these fine materials:


About Our Sinks…

  • Bronze sinks are made from pure bronze and finished with a patina to create a seal and prevent damage. Some companies offer "bronze", which is actually a bronze resin made to look authentic. Bronze Resin technique involves mixing bronze powder with epoxy resin which is applied to a mold. Many chemicals are used to color and fill the sink, whereas a natural bronze sink contains no paints or resins.
  • Our bronze sinks are made by casting molds and pouring melted bronze. A complex mold is created out of wax and liquid ceramic. Once the mold is dry, melted bronze is poured into the heated ceramic mold to set. Once the bronze is ready, the wax mold is cracked to reveal the bronze sink. It is then polished and coated with a patina finish that is baked in.
  • Our porcelain sinks are made from vitreous China. Vitreous China is a mixture of clay and other minerals baked at high temperatures after triple glazing. Because it is triple glazed and triple fired, it is more durable, stain resistant and easier to clean than fine China.  Vitreous China sinks are fired at higher temperatures and use a smoother grade of paint, which results in a more uniform, glossy look than ceramic sinks. Vitreous China tends to be harder than ceramic because it is made from a finer grade of clay and fired at higher temperatures.
  • Our natural stone sinks are made from granite, marble, onyx or sandstone. All are very durable and every stone has beautiful characteristics and unique coloring. Since these are natural stones, there will be a variance in color from sink to sink.
  • We use only tempered glass for our glass vessel sinks. Tempered glass is processed by controlled thermal or chemical treatments to increase its strength. As a safety feature, tempered glass crumbles into small granular chunks instead of jagged shards if broken. Our glass sinks can handle higher temperatures than normal glass and maintenance is very low. The glass is non-porous and will not absorb odor or stains, making it very sanitary.

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