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RTA Kitchen Cabinets & Bathroom Vanity

RTA Kitchen Cabinets & Bathroom Vanities- A Wholesale supplier and importer of Ready-to-Assemble RTA Kitchen Cabinets and RTA Bathroom Vanities. Available in Oak RTA Kitchen Cabinets and matching bathroom vanities, Ginger Maple RTA Kitchen Cabinets, Sunset Maple RTA kitchen cabinets and matching bathroom vanities, Chestnut Glazed Maple RTA Kitchen Cabinets and matching bathroom vanities, Marquis Cinnamon RTA Kitchen Cabinets and matching Bathroom Vanities and matching bathroom vanities and Cherryville RTA Kitchen Cabinets Brandywine RTA Kitchen Cabinets, Antique White RTA Kitchen Cabinets. Bathroom Vanities are also available in Cherry, White, Antique White and Mocha Shaker. Also featuring the full line of Rev-A-Shelf products to help customize your kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanity- spice racks, pull-out waste baskets, base cabinet pull-outs, wall cabinet pull-outs, pantry organizers, drawer inserts, and vanity organizers.

RTA Kitchen Cabinets & Bathroom Vanity Store - RTA Cabinets and Vanities for your kitchen and bathroom in Oak, Ginger Maple, Honey Maple, Chestnut Glazed Maple, Marquis Cinnamon, Cherry, and White
RTA Kitchen Cabinets and Bathroom Vanity Store- A wholesale supplier and importer of Ready-to-Assemble RTA Kitchen Cabinets and RTA Bathroom Vanities. Available in Oak Cabinets, Honey Maple Cabinets, Ginger Maple Cabinets, Chestnut Glazed Maple Cabinets, Marquis Cinnamon, Sunset Maple, Windsor Maple Cabinets, Cherry Vanities, White Vanities, Victoria Vanities and Euro Vanities, Granite Vanity Tops, Kitchen Renovation Contest. Full line of RTA Accessories for your RTA Kitchen Cabinets and RTA Bathroom Vanities
Recommended E-Books
Recommended E-Books- We selected a couple of E-Books that we thought might be useful to our customers. Whether you need help designing your kitchen, selecting kitchen cabinets, or want to work on your woodworking skills to customize your kitchen cabinets, these books can help you out. Keep checking back to see what books we add. Coming soon is a home improvement book by Crazy Cabinet Guy that will include a coupon with a discount towards our RTA Kitchen Cabinets!
Sample Doors
RTA Sample Cabinet Doors- Some times it is easier to picture new kitchen cabinets or a bathroom vanity in your home when you have a sample to look at. Our RTA Cabinet sample doors are available in all of the finishes that our RTA Kitchen Cabinets come in- Oak, Honey Maple, Ginger Maple, Chestnut Glazed Maple, Marquis Cinnamon, Sunset Maple, Windsor Maple and Autumn Shaker.
Sample RTA Kitchen Pricing
We have been overwhelmed with the number of requests for pricing on kitchens using each of the styles of cabinets that we offer: Oak, Ginger Maple, Honey Maple, Chestnut Glazed, and Marquis Cinnamon. We pulled together some of the most common kitchen layouts and designed them using our 3-D Design Software. For each kitchen layout you will find an overview of the kitchen, 3-D picture of the kitchen, the cabinets we used to build the kitchen, and the total cost (not including shipping). In most cases this is used to compare our prices against other websites, but we are fine with that!
RTA Kitchen Cabinets
RTA Kitchen Cabinets are one of the fastest growing segments of the kitchen cabinet and kitchen remodeling industry. With Solid Wood face frames and doors, solid plywood cabinet box, cam lock assembly, and affordable prices, they are fast becoming the choice of both homeowners and builders. With a wide variety of RTA Kitchen Cabinets finishes, such as Oak Kitchen Cabinets, Ginger Maple Kitchen Cabinets, Honey Maple Kitchen Cabinets, Chestnut Glazed Kitchen Cabinets, Marquis Cinnamon Kitchen Cabinets, Sunset Maple, Windsor Maple and Autumn Shaker. They come in a wide range of sizes for both the base cabinets and the wall cabinets, as well as a full line of cabinet accessories. Find out why so many people are moving towards RTA Kitchen Cabinets for their home!
RTA Accessories
RTA Kitchen Accessories- What kitchen is complete without the finishing touches or accessories? With matching crown molding, toe kicks, wall and base filler strips, island panels, wine racks, mullion doors, plate racks, and refrigerator panels, we have everything you will need to finish off your new kitchen cabinets and give your kitchen the custom look that you like. All of the accessories are available to match the kitchen cabinet styles: Oak, Honey Maple, Ginger Maple, Chestnut Glazed Maple, and Marquis Cinnamon. Find out how you can customize your RTA Kitchen Cabinets by check out the Accessories section.
Rev-a-Shelf Kitchen Cabinet & Bathroom Vanity Accessories
Rev-A-Shelf Offers a complete line of kitchen and bathroom accessories that allow you to customize our RTA Kitchen Cabinets and Bathroom Vanities. Spice Racks, Drawer Inserts, Base Cabinet Pull-outs, Wall Cabinet Pull-Outs, Pull-Out Waste Baskets, and Vanity Accessories, and Pantry Accessories. Use in combination with our cabinets to create the kitchen of your dreams.
Bathroom Light Bars
RTA Bathroom Light Bars- No bathroom is complete without the proper light fixture. If you are considering buying any of our bathroom vanities, we have the matching light fixtures to make your bathroom renovation project complete. Whether you are looking for a basic globe bulb light bar, or a more detailed j-arm light bar to match the heritage vanity lines, we have both available in Oak, White, Cherry, Honey Maple, Ginger Maple, Chestnut Glazed Maple, and Marquis Cinnamon. All of the light bars feature a solid wood base to match the corresponding bathroom vanity style.
RTA Kitchen Cabinet Blog
The RTA Kitchen Cabinet Blog was created to help answer any questions customers might have about our cabinets or vanities and to allow customers to share their experiences in buying, assembling, and installing our rta cabinets. If you would like to share you thoughts or leave a comment for other customers, please don't hesitate to write a quick note
Installation & Assembly
Assembling and Installing our RTA cabinets is extremely easy, but sometimes our customers need some reassurance (especially the novice DIY'ers). In the installation and assembly section, you will find actual assembly instructions from our cabinets and an easy to follow installation process.
Links & Resources
Choosing kitchen cabinets is not always easy to do. We have gathered some great articles and resources to help you with your cabinet decision. Need something to compliment your cabinets? We also have selected several websites that we think have some great products to offer.
Shipping & Returns
Customer Feedback
<p>We love to hear back from our customers about their home improvement projects and our products. Whether you were installing a full kitchen, or just remodeling your bathroom, if it involves our <a href="">RTA Kitchen Cabinets</a> or <a href="">RTA Bathroom Vanities</a>, we want to hear about it (good or bad). Use the Customer Feedback section to brag about your handywork or throw in a good word about our products and/or service.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
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Contractor Rewards Program
Contractors are a large portion of our business, and we like to treat them right. As a member of the National Home Builders Association, we know first hand the challenges contractors and builders face in getting quality kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities at an affordable price and delivered on-time. Find out more about our special programs for contractors.
RTA Cabinet Warranty
We feel strongly that our RTA kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities are as high a quality as any cabinet that you would find in the big box stores (if not better). As the importer/manufacturer, we are willing to stand behind out cabinets. Once installed, if anything breaks or fails on our kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities, we are willing to replace those parts for up to a year.
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RTA Cabinet Articles
Looking for some additional information about RTA Cabinets, Kitchens, Bathrooms, or Home Improvement in general? Check out our article data base for useful information and relevant articles.
Kitchen Hardware Installation Templates
RTA Cabinet Store Warehouse
Kitchen Renovation Contest
How would you like to get paid for renovating your kitchen? RTA Cabinet Store is the only importer that is will to pay one of it's customers for remodeling their kitchen. If you were able to make a drastic change to your outdated kitchen, and can articulate your experience, we are going to give one lucky homeowner $2,000!!
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96" Oven Cabinet
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Press Releases
Read all about RTA Cabinet Store. Follow our recent press releases and any articles about the company or our cabinets in the news. Also find out about all of our activities with the Home Improvement shows and organizations.
Oak Kitchen Cabinets
Oak Style Kitchen Cabinets with Semi-Concealed Hinges
Honey Maple Kitchen Cabinets
Honey Maple Kitchen Cabinets
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Laminate Flooring Warranty
pdf file outlining Feather Steps 20 year limited warranty on laminate flooring.
This is the buyers-guide folder containing all assets for delivering the buyers guide to new leads.
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Granite Vanity Tops
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RTA Cabinets: Matched Versitility
With increased versatility and functionally, RTA cabinets (Ready-to-Assemble) continue to attract the attention of consumers looking for cabinetry with a stellar performance rating for superior quality at affordable prices.
Kitchen Cupboards: Unlimited Boundaries
The original kitchen cupboards dates back to the 15th Century called Borde. With keyed locks, the original kitchen cupboards were designed with limited access to servants with the most trusted in possession of the key, referred to as the “key maid”. Find out some other interesting facts about kitchen cupboards in this article.
Kitchen Cabinets 101: Basic Introduction
Although appearing similar, not all kitchen cabinets are the constructed the same. Whereas all kitchen cabinets are built with the purpose of storing kitchen related items or non-perishable food items, the materials used in the construction of kitchen cabinets varies significantly.
Kitchen Cabinetry: Unlimited Available Options
Passed from generations long ago, kitchen cabinetry has been transformed by dramatic changes in configurations and styles. From rustic un-enclosed shelving mounted to walls by various means to the elegant style of modern day kitchens, kitchen cabinetry no longer resembles kitchen cabinetry used by our forefathers however the intended use remains the same.
Effective Uses for the Kitchen Cabinet
It goes without saying that the kitchen cabinet is one of the most useful accompaniments to any home. Used in a variety of applications, the kitchen cabinet is commonly used for storage of non-perishable foods and related kitchen artifacts. Housing miscellaneous items from screwdrivers to keys with undetermined origins, the “junk drawer” of a kitchen cabinet is often the place to look for long lost bits and pieces of hardware that were once too valuable to discard. With the combination of many unique styles and configurations of the kitchen cabinet, making use of available space has never before become easier with a completed kitchen that flows with greater uniformity and appearance.
Basic Construction of Kitchen Cabinets
Often taken for granted due to the unlimited variety available today, kitchen cabinets were first discovered dating back to the Roman Empire, perhaps before. With limited information available, one can assume that kitchen cabinets have been a part of a long heritage, dating back well beyond visual conception of adjoining together a few pieces of wood. Today, kitchen cabinets are a multi-billion dollar year business with prices ranging from a few hundred of dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Although somewhat simplistic in design, kitchen cabinets are an integral part of any kitchen today regardless of size offering additional space with beauty and uniformity.
Kitchen Cabinets Design: Making More Than a Home
As noted, the kitchen in a home is considered the most important room. A well-designed and efficient kitchen adds warmth, elegance and family togetherness of which no other room in the home provides. A vital ingredient of a well-designed “nucleus” of the home is proper kitchen cabinets design that encompasses the entire room with a continual flow adding symmetry, balance and harmony.
Kitchen Cabinets Online: Purchasing Them At The Right Price
The recent and ongoing downturn in the economy has resulted in many business failures and the closing of once established department stores that have stood in grandeur for generations. With no present solution to the restoration of the present economy, many businesses have reverted to online shopping as a viable means in prevention of complete business failure.
Kitchen Cabinets for Sale: The Never Ending Supply
When considering the purchase of kitchen cabinets, one does not have to look very far to locate a never-ending supply of kitchen cabinets for sale. With selections from starter kitchens to custom built cabinets, kitchen cabinets for sale are readily abundant in styles and configurations from futuristic to contemporary to traditional and beyond.
Wholesale Kitchen Cabinets: Where Dreams Come True
The term “wholesale” refers to purchasing merchandise for the home or personal use in large quantities. Enticing and appealing, drawing immediate attention of perspective purchasers, the term “wholesale” is translated into new definitions of more for less.
Kitchen Cabinets Wholesale: The Beginning Legacy
In these days of economic slowdown, available funds once spent for new home construction or the remodeling of existing homes remains limited. Funds once spent to build or improve the value of a home or place of business now lies dormant waiting for better economic times with promises for a better tomorrow.
Shaker Kitchen Cabinets: Simplistic In Design
Dating back to over 200 years ago, Shaker kitchen cabinets remain one of the most widely selected cabinet styles today. Known for simplistic design, straight lines in moderate proportions, Shaker kitchen cabinets are elegant with smooth clean lines that add accent to any kitchen. Often used in modern kitchens with contemporary themes, Shaker kitchen cabinets can be adapted to coincide with any kitchen with minimal ornamentation.
How to Buy Kitchen Cabinets Online
In purchasing kitchen cabinets, disconcerted consumers are often left bewildered and confused with the never-ending selection of kitchen cabinets available, with a wide range of price structures. With budget restrictions, limitation and guidelines set, consumers set out in search for cabinets that meet previously set limitations only to soon realize that when to buy kitchen cabinets vs. where to buy kitchen cabinets have no similarities.
Kitchen Cabinet Design: Awe-Inspiring Results
All homeowners seek an asylum offering peace, tranquility and serenity within the confines of their respective homes. Above all other rooms in the home, the kitchen remains the preferred choice where families gather, share and relax in an atmosphere that is warm and inviting.
Selecting Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets
Unlike the majority of rooms in a home, the kitchen is the most constantly used room throughout the day. While the visual appearance of other rooms in a home may be changed with simple rearrangement of the furniture, the kitchen remains steadfast in appearance offering no alternatives to changes other than expensive remodeling. Arguably the most important aspect of any kitchen, wood kitchen cabinets set precedence for the remainder of the home, a permanent stationary placard reflecting style, tone and preferences.
DIY Kitchen Cabinets
In selecting the ideal kitchen cabinets for remodeling of existing kitchens or in new home construction, homeowners have averted the rising cost associated with kitchen cabinet purchase and installation with DIY kitchen cabinets. Designed for homeowner installation, DIY (Do-It-Yourself) kitchen cabinets have increased in dramatic proportion throughout the years saving thousands of dollars in purchase and installation charges.
Affordable Kitchen Cabinets
Over the last two decades, the cost associated of home ownership has steadily risen to epic magnitude. With maintenance costs and prices for raw materials skyrocketing, home ownership of today is expensive with continuing escalating prices and no resolution in sight.
Kitchen and Cabinets: Working in Perfect Harmony
Throughout life, items that make living easier are often taken for granted. From the automobile to televisions and the computer, life without these “essentials” would bring about changes to lifestyles that makes one shutter; however by sheer intestinal fortitude, generations of the past managed somehow with little difficulty.
Inexpensive Kitchen Cabinets
With kitchen remodeling costs continuing to rise, purchasing inexpensive kitchen cabinets without sacrificing quality remains a point of considerable concern. Inexpensive kitchen cabinets offered at local home improvement stores often are attractive in regards to overall pricing; however lack quality and durability that is essential for years of continued use.
Kitchen Cabinet Discount: Implied or Realistic?
Discounts applied to major purchases from homes to automobiles, even kitchen cabinets increase the heart rate and adrenalin flow. During difficult economic times, discounts applied to any purchase present the opportunity to save additional funds otherwise needlessly spent. Often times, in the case of a kitchen cabinet discount, a reduction in price from the original cost may be visually displayed, however may be somewhat mis-leading.
New Kitchen Cabinets
The kitchen is considered to be the one room in a home with the most traffic therefore; the overall appearance is of great importance. The replacement of old, outdated kitchen cabinets with new kitchen cabinets adds value with unique styling drastically transforming a dull, drab kitchen into a room with symmetry and elegance. New kitchen cabinets are expensive with average costs exceeding $30,000, depending on the styling, number of cabinets and the wood species chosen.
Discounted Kitchen Cabinets: What to Look For
Discounts applied to any merchandise often relates to additional savings. With the application of discounts applied to previously lowered prices, discounts on an average may result in the savings of hundreds of dollars. Although discounts imply less expenditure of funds there remains a certain degree of concern as to the quality of the merchandise purchased with discounts.
How to Buy Kitchen Cabinets Cheap
One of the most expensive rooms in a home is the kitchen. With the installation of modern appliances and the appropriate kitchen cabinetry, conceivably costs for a completed kitchen may well exceed six-to seven figures. Where kitchen appliance costs remain somewhat consistent, changing from year-to-year with increased technology, the overall costs for kitchen cabinets continues to vary.
Black Kitchen Cabinets
There remains a saying that “black goes with everything” including kitchen cabinets. With kitchen cabinets consuming over seventy-five percent (75%) of visible kitchen surfaces, selecting black kitchen cabinets for a kitchen is a bold statement setting futuristic trends. Typically, black kitchen cabinets are not the most commonly selected color for kitchen cabinets however used in conjunction with offsetting subtle wall color tones black kitchen cabinets presents opportunities that remain unlimited.
Ready To Assemble Kitchen Cabinets
Living in a hectic world with ever increasing demands on time from employment position to family responsibilities, time remains a valuable commodity of which there never seems to be enough of. With transition of limited time from daily routines to the construction of new homes and the remodeling of existing structures, available time also becomes a major factor. Within the parameters of limited time allotted for new kitchen cabinet installation, wasted time translates into additional expenditure of funds needlessly spent.
Stock Kitchen Cabinets: A Problem Solving Solution
There are many aspect involved in purchasing new kitchen cabinets to consider that are time consuming however extremely important. Despite all the deliberate planning and months of preparation, the most common over-looked phase of selecting the perfect kitchen cabinets is availability. With reduction of costs and saving valuable time, stock kitchen cabinets offers immediate access to some of the most widely selected kitchen cabinets styles and finishes.
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Jet-Pro Shower Spas
RTA Bathroom Vanities
RTA Bathroom Vanities- When it comes to remodeling a bathroom, the last item that homeowners focus on is the bathroom vanity or bathroom cabinet. After selecting the tile, shower, paint colors, wouldn't it be nice to add a high quality bathroom cabinet or bathroom vanity? Bathroom vanities can range in price from $80 up to $8,000 and their are a wide range of styles and finishes on the market. The advantage that RTA Bathroom Vanities have over the store bought cabinets is the quality of the materials. Just like our RTA Kitchen Cabinets, our RTA Bathroom Vanity lines all come with solid wood face frames and doors, solid plywood sides with a veneer of solid wood stained to match the face frames, easy cam lock assembly, and even more styles for you to select from; Oak Bathroom Vanities in both Basic and our Heritage Lines, White Bathroom Vanities in both our basic and heritage lines, Cherry Bathroom Vanities, Cherryville Vanities, Marquis Cinnamon Bathroom Vanities, Autumn Shaker, Mocha Shaker, Our Decorative Series which includes the Remington, Embassy, Manchester and Williamsburg. We also offer the popular Euro Vanity- available in Oak, Cherry, and White. We also offer in many styles the following: matching linen cabinets, light bars, medicine cabinets, and tank toppers to help complete the look of your bathroom.
Bathroom Vanities, Showers and Fixtures
Showers & Tubs
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