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We love to hear back from our customers about their home improvement projects and our products. Whether you were installing a full kitchen, or just remodeling your bathroom, if it involves our RTA Kitchen Cabinets or RTA Bathroom Vanities, we want to hear about it (good or bad). Use the Customer Feedback section to brag about your handywork or throw in a good word about our products and/or service.



We finished up the rehab a few weeks ago and it went under contract in 4 days.

We finished up the rehab a few weeks ago and it went under contract in 4 days! I'm sure the great looking kitchen and bathroom cabinets had something to do with it! ;-) Attached are a few pictures for you to use if needed. Thanks again and I'll be sure to continue using you in the future.

I looked at about 4 different RTA online stores before I decided to buy from yours.

I found mostly positive feedback about particularly when it came to customer service. Many of the other stores have a very bad reputation when it comes to taking care of any problems. I did have some issues which were handled right away, and very professionally by Kelly the Claims Manager. The quality of the cabinets was very good for the price. I am just finished one kitchen and am starting on another using your cabinets. I am a residential remodeling contractor and would recommend your cabinets to anyone. As you can see from the pictures a custom look can be achieved using these stock cabinets. Thanks again for providing a great product at a great price while backing it up with excellent service after the sale.

We purchased your Tuscany White Maple kitchen cabinets in October of last year.

The delivery was excellent, with driver waiting for us to examine. There was a package missing. I called and it was handled in a profession manner with the missing package arriving a couple days later. Putting them together was very easy, we are (80 & 88) years young and had no trouble. Thanks RTA for your wonderful product and excellent service.

RTA Cabinet Store was used in the design and installation of my Kitchen.

The quality of the Cabinets-Bordeaux Shaker was exceptionally Grade AAA for Ready to Assemble. The cabinets do not come with printed instructions, but everything can be found at the Website. Customer Service is understanding, supportive, and willing to assist in every way possible. Kelly at Claims is prompt, courteous, and provided me with immediate response to my claim requests. I will like to Thank all of the RTA family for Excellent Service and an Excellent Product.

I purchased your Cherryville cabinets and we are very pleased with them.

They are beautiful and the quality is great. They are exactly they way they are described on your website except they are more beautiful in person. We had a couple of issues with 1 side panel missing on a base cabinet and 1 island panel was wrong. Kelly took care of these issues in a timely manner and that made me very happy and shows that your company is what you claim on your website. We have some friends who are thinking about putting in a new kitchen. We invited them over during the construction of some of cabinets so they could see just how easy they are to put together. The wife works for Home Depot and she was quoted $11,000 from Home Depot to resurface her current, outdated cabinets. We told her that we paid $4,400 including shipping - she and her husband were very pleasantly surprised. I have also told my countertop people about RTA Cabinets too. We will be inviting them over when the soapstone counter is delivered so they can see the countertop and of course your RTA cabinets. One of their sales people seemed very interested in see them. I am a customer that spreads the word when I really like a product or a company. I will spread the word about RTA Cabinets with a very large smile on my face. I am so please with the Cherryville line and think that our kitchen may sell a few kitchens for you.

My wife and I recently placed an order with you and before we did, I had several questions I needed answers to.

I phoned in and was lucky enough to have Mindy answer my call. She did a fantastic job answering all my questions and was extremely knowledgable about the modifications we needed to make to accommodate a farmhouse apron sink and our wall oven unit. She followed up quickly through email when I requested a diagram I couldn't locate online and promptly returned a message I had left as well. A really great experience overall.

Everyone who walks into my house thinks they’re custom, so I’m really happy with them.

They really are beautiful. Their shopping process was really easy, I would use them again. If I were ever building another house or cabinet or anything, I would definitely not go anywhere else, just because of the product. It’s so beautiful, and anything comparable would cost me three times or four times the amount. It’s absolutely worth the money and the time to put your own cabinets in and they’re really easy to put together. They’re sturdy and will look beautiful. RTA Cabinet Store is really good and their products are outstanding. They just look custom and beautiful and no one would ever know that you spent a quarter of the price on your kitchen or room that you would have on custom.

My friend and I installed these ourselves in a couple of hours.

We saved probably 4 to 5 weeks over the big box store cabinet suppliers, and I didn't feel like particle board off the shelf product that we could have bought at lowe's or hd would have held up longer term, but worse yet would have detracted from the equity value of the project longer term. Project was a Florida coastal beachfront rental condo that we were able to get up and running weeks quicker. The decision was in hindsight, an easy one, but this was the first time we had tried out this direct from the manufacturer product.

Regarding the "I was very sceptical" review.

The pictures I tried to upload did not make it so I will try to add them now.

I was very sceptical of purchasing something of this nature without seeing the finished product especially considering the reasonable price, I had a sample door sent while visiting in the US and was pleased with the quality but still had not seen the complete cabinets.

I spent a great deal of time browsing every company I could find and searching for complaints, the one that came out on top for me was The RTA Cabinet store. The website was well laid out and once the final layout was done I placed the order for Kitchen and 3 bath vanities in Horizon Maple and Island in Tuscany White Maple. Shipping was prompt and well packed. Some soft close dampers were missing on the Horizon cabinets and replacements were sent in a prompt and courteous manner thanks to Joanie the claims administrator. It turned out that progress was delayed nearly a year on our new log home but I had the cabinets and was waiting to do the install as soon as possible. Assembly went well, I did find a few end panels had blemishes or damage, fortunately I found this out soon enough and assembled any cabinet with exposed ends first. By doing this I was able to open other boxes that would not have exposed ends and swap end panels. I would advise anyone doing assembly to be aware of this. The assembly does not call for glue but as it is inexpensive and easy to do I opted to use glue as well as the camlocks. I guess I am a suspenders and belt kind of guy. Assembled the cabinets looked good but once they were installed with crown mouldings and light rails they looked awesome! I must add that I was rather sceptical of what quality the crown moulding and light rail would be given that the price was quite reasonable but once I started the install I was very pleasantly surprised, these mouldings are flawless and look fantastic. The old saying "you get what you pay for" apparently is not always true. The granite installers first comment when they arrived was " I see you have high quality cabinets" I took that as a compliment as they see a great many new kitchens. The last remodel I did on another house cost right around 3 times as much for locally purchased kitchen cabinets and one vanity, and those are particle board boxes and do not have the pizazz that these RTA cabinets have. My only complaint is that the soft close dampers on the Horizon Maple cabinets do not work well (yes the same ones that The RTA store was so good about supplying when they were not included as advertised) the cabinets that cost 3 times as much do not have these dampers either. These cabinets are very good value and from my experience customer service and dealing with any shortage is excellent. Would I buy again? yes in a heartbeat. Thank you Gary and staff.

The price point is good, the quality is good, and the people are helpful.

I called up, I gave my measurements, and because I am not good with computers, they were nice enough to double-check my order. It came in; there was one cabinet that was delayed, which was not bad for the amount of cabinets I bought, and when they came in, it got put in, and no problem. Once you got the first one done and you got used to the technique, they went together with no problem. I was looking for the plywood cabinets, which is what they offer. Most manufactured cabinets in the big box stores aren’t solid wood; they’re a composite except for the faces. They were very good. They were very nice, and my kitchen is in. The other half is happy; now I’m happy.

It was pretty easy.

I just ordered everything online. We had to change out one item, and it was very easy. They sent me some samples and were helpful in getting what I needed. They delivered very quickly. It was a very fast process. At the big box stores you’re going to get a pressed wood. I got plywood and solid wood fronts. RTA had the best price I could find and were very helpful. If I had to order some more I’d order from them again.

The reason we bought the cabinets is because they looked good and they’re not made of particle board, the prices were good, and customer support was very helpful and friendly when I needed help.


Thank you for your help.

I have to say that I am impressed with the quality and workmanship of the product. The ease of assembly is testament to the engineering and I found assembly to be basically idiot-proof; once you’ve done one, the rest are mostly repetition. The fact that the wall cabinets can be flipped to change the hinge side of the door is not something I had anticipated, but will take into account when installing. I would recommend you to anyone with a kitchen remodel in mind.

Your cabinets were really amazing.

They are designer quality without the designer price. The ease of assembly, variety of colors & styles will make your company our #1 choice for all our flips! Thanks for a great product.

We got your name from another former customer who recommended your cabinets for both ease of assembly and price.

Your site was easy to use to set up configuration of cabinets. Am very happy with the final outcome of our beautiful finished kitchen.

I just want to say how much I appreciate all of your help with our cabinet purchase.

The customer service you have provided has been top notch and I thank you very much!

I am finally getting around to sending you the photos of our second renovation.

I was very happy with the service on your end and the finished product on my end. This was a rental property renovation and the new kitchen was a major selling point when I brought in prospective tenants. Please find a few before/after photos as promised. Thanks again for all your help!

Our bathroom contractor commented very positively on the appearance and quality of the cabinets.

These are the “Before” and “After” pictures of my master bathroom vanity project. This configuration is one 36” vanity with doors and drawers, one 18” drawer bank, and one 15” drawer bank, with a 3” fill strip cut to fill a 70” space. We ordered our White Shaker Vanity cabinets and received them within two weeks and all were in great condition. The trucking company driver was very courteous, as well! Our bathroom contractor installed them and commented very positively on the appearance and quality of the cabinets for being RTA. We priced out similar particle board box cabinets at the “big box” Home Improvement retailer and were able to purchase these plywood box cabinets for half the price, and a little sweat equity. A similar vanity in plywood box would have been over $2000! We are very happy with our cabinets and with the appearance of our finished bathroom. We would definitely consider using RTA Cabinet Store for any future projects, and have already referred envious Facebook friends to your site. Thanks for saving us money with a great product!

I absolutely love the quality and the ease of assembly.

The cabinets are beautiful and the price was also great. I LOVE my new kitchen!!! Thanks again for all your help.

We are extremely pleased with the help and support we received.

The replacement drawer fronts I requested arrived yesterday. Everyone at RTA has been great. We are extremely pleased with the price, quality and appearance of our cabinets and with the help and support we received throughout the process. Thank you so much for your help.

I have impressed so many people with the ease of installation.

I received my cabinet door today. Thanks very much for your help, I will definitely recommend you guys to anyone I know installing cabinets. I have impressed so many people with the ease of installation, price and the follow-up service I've received from RTA.

The prices were great and the quality is unmatched.

Just wanted to let you know how beautiful my kitchen is now and it is all because of you. The prices were half of those at home depot who we used to measure our kitchen first. With that blueprint I was able to order just what I needed. You guys are the best. Included are some photos of the completed project. We will definitely order them again and have recommended you to all of our friends.

Ginger Maple Cabinets that I used for one of my rental properties.

Here are some pictures of the Service was great... I got the cabinets within a week, and assembly was easy. I will definitely be using your Kitchen Cabinets when I remodel my other units. Thanks again.

Chestnut Maple Cabinets transforms their kitchen.

This couple uses our Chestnut Maple Kitchen Cabinets to transform their kitchen. This was a video submission for our 2010 kitchen renovation contest.


I will definitely recommend your Chestnut Glazed Maple Cabinets.

I just thought I would share some pictures of the Chestnut Glazed Maple Cabinets that I bought and installed in my kitchen. As you can see by the pictures, everything came out great. They were super easy to assemble and install. Thanks for your help with selecting the correct size cabinets to fit the space. I will definitely recommend your website to my friends.

I am very happy with the quality of my new Ginger Maple Cabinets.

Besides saving me at least 50% over similar quality cabinets at the big box places, I was very impressed with their customer service. They were always polite and helpful. Delivery was quick and there was no damage in transit because they were well protected. I need to remodel my bathrooms next and intend to buy new vanities from them as well. I give them an A+.

My husband and I installed them ourselves and they came out great.

I thought I would send you some before and after pictures of my kitchen. I almost bought my kitchen cabinets at Ikea until I saw your Marquis Cinnamon Cabinets in your showroom.

I couldn't believe how strong the kitchen cabinets were.

We are still waiting for the concrete countertops to be installed, but I couldn't wait to share the pictures of our new kitchen with your Heritage Honey Maple Cabinets installed. I couldn't believe how strong the kitchen cabinets were (when we shopped at Home Depot they told us we couldn't install concrete on their basic cabinets...we would have to pay for the upgrade). Thanks for helping us select all of the cabinets we needed for our renovation.

The RTA Cabinets were easier to assemble than I expected.

I installed some of the Ginger Maple Cabinets in one of my rental properties and it worked out great. Even after delivery, I still ended up saving over 30% on the same cabinets that I was going to buy at Lowes. Thanks again. I will definitely let my friends know about your site.

The Bathroom Cabinets went together super fast, and I saved a couple of hundred.

I used your Heritage White Bathroom Vanity, Medicine Cabinet, and Tank Topper in my bathroom remodel. The picture doesn't do it justice, but it really helped to brighten up the small bathroom. The Bathroom Cabinets went together super fast, and I saved a couple of hundred by not buying them in the store.

The Cherry Euro Vanity that I bought for my spare bathroom came out great.

The only problem is that my wife now wants me to do the same for the other two bathrooms! Thanks a lot.... :) Shipment arrived when you said it would, and you were even able to save me a couple of bucks on the shipping. You will definitely be hearing from us again.

Your step-by-step cabinet installation article made it easy to install.

Thanks again for your help! Installing the Ginger Maple Cabinets in my kitchen was my first DIY project. The cam lock system on the (RTA) Ready-To-Assemble cabinets made the assembly easy, and your step-by-step installation article made it easy to install with my wifes help. Our next project will probably be the bathrooms!

I really like the details on the cabinet and the rich cherry color.

I used your 60" Cherry Heritage Vanity for my master bathroom that I was remodeling. I had never used (RTA) Ready-To-Assemble cabinets before, but the process was quick and painless. I really like the fact that the back had openings for the drain and other pieces, so didn't even have to cut for the pipes.

Very impressed with the cabinets look and quality.

... I just had an interior designer in this morning to help with paint, furniture, etc. and he was very impressed with the cabinets look and quality. He kept saying how beautiful they are. I told him how easy they are to assemble and what a great company RTA is, both in price and service. I'm so glad I purchased from you. Thanks again for all of your help.

They were beautiful and easy to put together.

I have to say I am so happy with the cabinets. WE used the Marquis Cinnamon.They were beautiful and easy to put together (after the first one). delivery was as promised and again, just can't say how much I LOVE the cabinets. Have been getting a lot of rave reviews and posted on facebook with a link to your site.

Boosted the house value well over $50,000.

We are a younger family that moved into an older (1935) with the idea of fixing it up. Last fall I spoke to several contractors whom told me to plan on spending between 40-60 thousand for a remodel of my kitchen. That seemed really far our of my price range so I decided to act as general contractor, pricing out each job & material seperately. The job costs came to around the $18,500 thx in large part to your well made well priced cabinets. Remind you this includes new electrical, plumbing work, construction costs, windows, skylight, dishwasher & hood, tile backsplash, floor refinishing, drywall, etc. My only thoughts were I'd wish you had those bamboo ECO option cabinets last fall and I wish these were made closer to the USA, like in Mexico or South America (keep labor closer to the USA). I used one of your end cap cabinets for the front of dishwasher to give it that built in look -- barely know its there. Shortly after the remodel we refinanced the house (to eliminate PMI and because the rates had dropped) and it boosted the house value well over $50,000.

I was really impressed.

Your cabinets were very easy to work with. I was really impressed with their quality, appearance, and sturdy construction. Thank you.

Simply amazing.

. Saved $$$ for a Better Product! I am the "diy" type and refuse to hand over money for someone else to do the dirty work. That's why I chose -- they had the best prices on great products. I truly did not expect for my cabinets to be so elegant when I ordered them. I was hoping for something that was "in-the-middle" with my budget but WOW, so many compliments when I just had the UPPER cabinets up! Now, everything is done and amazing looking. Thank you so much!

Everyone, including construction people, has commented on how nice these cabinets look.

We had a strict budget we wanted to stick to on our kitchen remodel. We shopped locally to get estimates for solid wood cabinets and got three estimates on cabinets from three different stores. Then we remembered seeing episodes of "Kitchen Crashers" on HGTV and them mentioning RTA Cabinets. We went to the website, used their super easy design tool and got an estimate of solid Oak cabinets. It was $1000 cheaper than the pressed wood cabinet estimate we had gotten and $2000 cheaper than the solid wood estimate. In a few weeks we received our cabinets and were very impressed with the quality and ease of putting them together. We are thrilled with them and you can see the difference in how the kitchen looks. Thank you RTA for a great product and great customer support.

Much better that any of the 'big box' stores.

They (Premier Oak) were easy to assemble and the quality was great. I have more apartments due to be up-graded soon and will use continue to depend on RTA Cabinet Store as my supplier. Thank you so much for your service and superior pricing.

Mocha Shaker Kitchen Came Out Amazing.

Mocha Shaker Kitchen Came Out Amazing! My kitchen is breathtaking and i saved a ton of money. Thank you RTA Cabinet Store!

Getting Ready to Buy RTA Kitchen Cabinets.

My husband and I are in the process of starting to build our "dream home" which includes an awesome kitchen.....we are soooo far away from being ready for kitchen cabinets, but i am certain that they would be RTA Cabinets. I am soo impressed with your website, the designs and the way you make it look so simple. Can't wait to purchase our cabinets.......

RTA Cabinet Store Customer Response.

Watch as Jeff shows how easy it was to install his RTA cabinets.


Ginger Maple Kitchen.

The kitchen cabinets are gorgeous and the price was perfect

Thanks for Your Help.

Hi Gary, not sure if you remember our email exchanges but wanted to thank you again for helping with our kitchen project. The cabinets arrived on time and were a breeze to assemble. After watching a ton of youtube videos of cabinets being installed my wife and I took the plunge and installed everything ourselves. With a little planning it was actually a pretty easy project that went very smooth. Here are just a couple of photos of the before, during and after photos. I ended up doing everything on my own including removing and installing the new flooring the cabinets and backsplash although I let the pros handle the granite. Thanks again so much for your help, if we ever do a kitchen again RTA Cabinet Store will be our first call!

The cabinets came out great.

I installed the Honey Maple Kitchen Cabinets in one of our rental properties.

Couldn't Be Happier With Our New Cabinets.

Sorry it has taken me so long to send these pictures! The first picture is the wall before the cabinets. The remainder of the photos are of our beautiful Brandywine kitchen cabinets after installation, including a couple of photos with the under cabinet lighting displayed. Thanks so much for making it so easy for us to install cabinets ourselves and save so much money! You have a great reference from us!

Saved a Fortune on Tuscany Kitchen Cabinets.

Saved a Fortune on Tuscany Kitchen Cabinets! We are very happy with the new Tuscany cabinets. My last house we bought Kraft Maid and spent $12,000 plus. I am just as happy with RTA, spending $3500. Thanks!! I will continue to recommend your store.

New Harvest Maple Kitchen.

New Harvest Maple Kitchen! Here are the fruits of over 6 months of weekends and vacation time. We used the Harvest Maple cabinets and we just love them!!