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Honey Maple RTA Accessories

Honey Maple RTA Accessories

  • Richmond Accessories provide options for customizing your kitchen
  • The base filler and wall filler are used fill gaps between two cabinets or between a cabinet and a wall.
  • Accessories are made of wood and plywood, and stained to match
  • The scalloped and straight valances can be used underneath cabinets or between cabinets (over a sink), to create a customized look
  • No Particle Board is used anywhere in their construction
  • Mullion Doors can be used on any 15", 18", 30", 36" WDC24", or WDC27" kitchen cabinet
  • Each Richmond RTA Accessory is shipped complete in the box

Viewing Tip: To see a closeup of each Richmond RTA cabinet along with a closeup of a sample Richmond RTA door, click on the description of the individual items on the order pages.

Quantity Product Name Model Price
Honey Maple 3"W x 30"H Filler F330RMD $61.98
Honey Maple 3"W x 42"H Filler F342RMD $82.99
Honey Maple 6"W x 30"H Filler F630RMD $63.34
Honey Maple 6"W x 42"H Filler F642RMD $70.46
Honey Maple 3"W x 96"H Filler F396RMD $156.54
Honey Maple 6"W x 96"H Filler F696RMD $148.72
Honey Maple Scalloped Valance VAS48RMD $51.02
Honey Maple Straight Valance VA48RMD $47.62
Honey Maple Matching Toe Kick 8' TK8RMD $41.08
8'L X 1.5"W Honey Maple Crown Molding 1.5CM8RMD $55.77
8'L X 2.5"W Honey Maple Crown Molding 2.5CM8RMD $68.04
8'L X 3.5"W Honey Maple Crown Molding 3.5CM8RMD $102.03
Honey Maple 34 3"W x 1/2"H Decorative Turning Piece TP3RMD $142.34
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