Coastal Ivory Kitchen Cabinets

For a truly unique and absolutely stunning look for your new kitchen, we are now offering the Coastal Ivory Kitchen Collection. A gorgeous and unexpected finish, along with intricate detailing and design features, make this superb collection one of a kind. Appropriate for a number of different design styles, these cabinets easily take a room from ordinary to extraordinary.


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Sample Door

Coastal Ivory Sample Door Model #Coastal Ivory Sample Notify Me

Keep the sample door, or return it for a refund of $20.00

$20.00 x

Coastal Ivory Single Door Wall Cabinets

Coastal Ivory Double Door Wall Cabinets

$167.36 x
$217.03 x
$225.37 x
$182.80 x
$252.50 x
$246.66 x
$149.41 x
$122.28 x
$125.63 x
$180.30 x
$186.14 x
$262.93 x
$364.76 x
$251.25 x
$132.31 x
$166.52 x
$136.48 x
$201.99 x
$205.75 x
$292.15 x
$391.48 x
$277.95 x
$245.40 x
$222.87 x

Coastal Ivory Single Door Base Cabinets

Coastal Ivory Double Door Base Cabinets

Coastal Ivory Three Drawer Base Cabinets

Coastal Ivory Sink Base Cabinets

$220.37 x
$222.87 x

Coastal Ivory Other Base Cabinets

Coastal Ivory Other Wall Cabinets

Coastal Ivory Pantry Cabinets

$482.46 x
$662.76 x
$267.10 x
$274.62 x
$390.65 x

Coastal Ivory Double Oven Cabinets

Coastal Ivory End Panels

Coastal Ivory Accessories

Glideware Cabinet Organizers

Single Glideware Model #GW01
$175.95 x
Double Glideware Model #GW02
$315.97 x
Pantry Glideware Model #GWPANTRY
$164.97 x
Extra Glideware Hooks Model #GWHOOK
$7.99 x

Roll Out Trays

Rollout Tray 15" Model #WB15DB
$69.04 x
Rollout Tray 18" Model #WB18DB
$71.96 x
Rollout Tray 21" Model #WB21DB
$74.80 x
Rollout Tray 24" Model #WB24DB
$79.66 x
Rollout Tray 27" Model #WB27DB
$82.64 x
Rollout Tray 30" Model #WB30DB
$83.50 x
Rollout Tray 36" Model #WB36DB
$89.30 x


Your kitchen will undoubtedly be the envy of your friends and neighbors when you choose the Coastal Ivory Collection. The manufacturer notes that “each piece is crafted in the tradition of fine home furnishings and finished with a multi-step, hand-detailed finish. Finally, a contrasting glaze is applied that brings out the unique cabinet and molding details.” You truly won’t find another RTA line like the stunning Coastal Ivory Collection!

The exceptional finish and design of the Coastal Ivory Collection cabinet opens up a number of avenues to express your interior design tastes in the kitchen. Typically, light toned cabinetry isn’t the most appropriate choice for traditional and formal décor styles, but this line is done so tastefully, that it can effortlessly work with a myriad of personal design choices. Contrasting the light hue with dark room elements and features can really make this cabinetry stand out. Dark wood flooring and elegant granite countertops in a rich tone are perfect complements. Also consider opting for black or stainless steel appliances; white appliances run the risk of clashing with the finish.

This line of cabinetry boasts great accessories and added features, and this line has some particularly nice ones. Glass doors on your wall cabinets coupled with mini pocket drawers can really create a chic look. Built in wine racks, glass holders and plate racks are also nice touches. Add matching crown molding, fillers and valances to your order to tie the whole cabinet set together. For added convenience, opt for roll out trays and a corner cabinet with a Lazy Susan feature.

Our RTA products are constructed for durability, meaning they are built to last for years to come. The manufacturer notes that this cabinet line features “full-overlay doors and drawers, ample storage options, and practical functionality, allowing the Coastal Ivory Collection to accent and enhance interior design styles. Soft-closing door mechanisms and solid wood drawer boxer are standard features that add to the overall value and function of the collection.”

For a truly unique and awe-inspiring look, the Coastal Ivory Collection is the way to go! The hand-detailed finish with contrasting glaze and intricate molding details result in a product that is nothing short of stunning. Whatever your interior design tastes, consider this cabinet set that is gorgeous, durable and extremely functional. You won’t be disappointed when you see your eye-catching new kitchen!

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