Door Mount Wood Spice Rack

Door Mount Wood Spice Rack

Wood Door Mount Spice Rack Specs Door Mount Wood Spice Rack

Maintain shelf space and keep spices within reach with a classic Wood Door Mount Spice Rack.  Made of Maple hardwood, this storage saver is available for our 15", 18", and 21" Wall RTA Cabinets.  These spice racks feature a UV-Cured clear finish that ensures an acceptable match with any of our cabinet styles, and it installs with just four screws.
Spice Rack Mounting Brackets

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Wall 15 Model #AX4SR15
$25.66 x
Wall 18 Model #AX4SR18
$30.74 x
Wall 21 Model #AX4SR21
$36.05 x

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