Cabinet Pulls And Knobs: Using Creative Materials for Custom Hardware

If it is time to update your kitchen cabinet hardware, you may want to branch out from traditional knobs and pulls and try something a little different. The newest rage in green and eco-friendly living is to use found objects for new purposes. This can be a great way to update kitchen cabinet hardware for a fraction of the cost of buying all new pieces.
Pass the Knife
While using a knife as a drawer pull is not a good or safe idea, using old spoons and forks for the job is a great option. You may have old mismatched pieces of former utensil sets in your drawer that would be perfect. Pull them out and see if you have enough for all the drawer pulls in your kitchen. If your existing pulls are flat, you have the option of super-gluing the fork or spoon over them. It is a good idea to bend down any pointy fork tines and position them toward the face of the drawer itself. If you do not want to glue the utensils on the existing pulls, you can bend the utensils to create a curved drawer pull. Be sure to leave about one-half inch flat on either end, as that is where you will drill a hole and secure the spoon or fork to the drawer itself. Try to bend the utensil to match the shape of the existing drawer pull, so that you can use the same fastening holes in the drawer face.
Sea Glass
If your home is by the ocean or you have just returned from a wonderful vacation at the shore, you may have a collection of sea glass that is just begging to be used in some creative project. That project can be in creating newly updated drawer pulls and knobs for your kitchen cabinets. If your pulls are in good shape and have a flat surface, you can glue pieces of sea glass directly on them. Make certain that there are no sharp edges or points left on the glass, or opening and closing your kitchen cabinets may be a dangerous endeavor. If your existing drawer pulls simply will not work, purchase inexpensive wooden ones with a flat surface. The more nondescript the handle or pull is, the easier it will be to make it into a beautiful masterpiece.
Decoupage Knobs
Turn your cabinet knobs into fun and funky objects of art. Purchase plain, wooden knobs that will fit the size and style of your cabinets. Keep them as plain as possible for the best results. Next, find a colorful, whimsical, or romantic picture in a catalog or magazine that will fit on the surface of the knob. Paint the knob, if desired, and then decoupage the picture onto the surface. Be sure to add a few extra layers of sealant to protect the knob from heavy use and possible contact with water. You will have a truly unique set of kitchen cabinet knobs for very little cost.

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