Wholesale Kitchen Cabinets: Where Dreams Come True

The term “wholesale” refers to purchasing merchandise for the home or personal use in large quantities. Enticing and appealing, drawing immediate attention of perspective purchasers, the term “wholesale” is translated into new definitions of more for less. Large national and easily recognizable retail stores, now offer a wide variety of home, personal and business items with the advent and introduction of “wholesale” distribution centers common across the United States. With respect to these wholesale distribution centers not all items needed for the home can be found at wholesale distribution centers. While the term wholesale is indicative to substantial savings, purchasing wholesale kitchen cabinets is not offered at major distribution centers.

Home Improvement Centers

Periodically, national home improvement centers often offer wholesale kitchen cabinets due to overstocking or discontinuance of a specified cabinet manufacturer brand. With limited availability and selection of style, wholesale kitchen cabinets purchased at local home improvement centers may offer a “one-time” value on kitchen cabinets however quality of the available cabinets is typically “as is” with “no returns” finalizing the transaction. Finding the appropriate wholesale kitchen cabinets to coincide with a particular chosen kitchen style is similar to the completion of a puzzle, often with missing pieces.

Online RTA Wholesale Kitchen Cabinets

Online RTA (Ready-to-Assemble) wholesale kitchen cabinets offers consumers’ immediate daily savings up to 30-40%, without sacrificing quality or reconfiguring of desired kitchen plans to meet available cabinet styles or finishes. With large inventories consisting of the latest styles and species of wood, RTA wholesale kitchen cabinets passes the savings in business operation directly to the consumer with substantial overall savings from hundreds to thousands of dollars. To date, thousands of consumers have taken full advantage of this ingenious way to purchase wholesale kitchen cabinets, designing their “dream kitchen” previously deemed unaffordable by other conventional means of kitchen cabinet purchases.

Additional Savings

As direct importers of wholesale kitchen cabinets, the RTA cabinet store offers superior cabinetry for both kitchen and bathrooms well below retail price guides with complete customer satisfaction guarantee. With prices reduced even further from the already drastically condensed daily pricing, the RTA cabinet store offers additional savings on superior wholesale kitchen cabinets that cannot be compared by other similar websites. Where quality, perseverance and ease of assembly of wholesale kitchen cabinets is foremost over big box outlet distribution centers, the RTA cabinet store offers unlimited options to all consumers, meeting and exceeding all previously set expectations on a continual basis. Due to increased awareness by the general public, the RTA cabinet store continues to grow and expand, reaching new heights with overwhelming support by all previous consumers.

From Dreams to Reality

From dreams to reality, finding an affordable alternative to custom cabinetry at affordable prices is a reality at the RTA cabinet store. With a complete inventory of RTA wholesale kitchen cabinets to select from, purchasing that dream kitchen is now finally a reality, where dreams come true.

RTA Cabinet Store has several different wholesale programs depending on what you are looking for.  So whether you are looking to drop ship direct to customers, stock some inventory, or order full containers... our factories and two warehouses can handle any of our needs.   Visit us at http://www.rtacabinetstore.com for more information.