Selecting Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Unlike the majority of rooms in a home, the kitchen is the most constantly used room throughout the day. While the visual appearance of other rooms in a home may be changed with simple rearrangement of the furniture, the kitchen remains steadfast in appearance offering no alternatives to changes other than expensive remodeling. Arguably the most important aspect of any kitchen, wood kitchen cabinets set precedence for the remainder of the home, a permanent stationary placard reflecting style, tone and preferences. Providing warmth with a traditional look and aesthetic appeal, wood kitchen cabinets offer superior quality with extended longevity.

The American Wood

Often referred to as the “American Wood”, oak has predominately been the wood of preference for wood kitchen cabinets throughout many generations. The hardest of all hardwoods, oak has a very distinctive grain pattern revealing different color grades including striped, wavy, very fine or broad. With an abundance of availability, wood kitchen cabinets made of oak are durable, with exquisite resilience to natural environmental changes. Priced accordingly, wood kitchen cabinets constructed with solid oak wood add value and beauty throughout the home or place of business.

Solid Wood Cabinets

Purchasing solid wood kitchen cabinets often leads to misconceptions by consumers in relation to the overall construction process. The majority of solid wood kitchen cabinets are primarily constructed with solid wood, however not the wood of preference. Often time’s wood kitchen cabinets are constructed with a variety of acceptable woods, including plywood sides with a denser solid wood plywood backing to reduce overall construction costs. Although the overall quality of wood kitchen cabinets constructed in this manner is not compromised, consumers should address this issue with the manufacturer before ordering solid wood kitchen cabinets. Not all manufacturers of solid wood kitchen cabinets follow this construction procedure, particularly when ordering custom built solid wood kitchen cabinets.

Increased Costs per Cabinet

As expected, solid wood kitchen cabinets have a substantial higher cost per cabinet. With twenty to thirty percent (20-30%) increase cost per cabinet common depending on the quality and species of wood selected, exotic solid wood kitchen cabinets may cost thousands of dollars over more affordable alternatives to solid wood kitchen cabinets manufactured and distributed by RTA (Ready-to-Assemble) solid wood kitchen cabinet methods using the same preselected wood of preference. With labor costs in the construction of solid wood kitchen cabinets continuing to rise with increased overhead manufacturing costs, RTA (Ready-to Assemble) solid wood kitchen cabinets are an attractive solution to offset costs, saving hundreds of dollars.

Increased Awareness

With construction costs of new homes and the remodeling of existing homes continuing to rise, RTA wood kitchen cabinets continue to attract the attention of thousands of new consumers searching for cost saving methods without sacrificing overall quality. RTA (Ready-to-Assemble) wood kitchen cabinets meet and exceed increased awareness with production of solid wood kitchen cabinets that exceed all previously set expectations. In the production of superior quality solid wood kitchen cabinets with dedication to all customers, selecting RTA solid wood kitchen cabinets is second to none.

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