The Polaris POL2233 16 Gauge Kitchen Ensemble

The Polaris POL2233 16 Gauge Kitchen Ensemble

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Model: POL2233-ENS
The POL2233 Kitchen Ensemble features one of Polaris's 90-degree, double bowl sinks. Because it is constructed from one solid piece of 16-gauge, 304-grade stainless steel, it is one of the sturdiest sinks available. The ensemble includes two durable, functional strainers to catch food scraps, and two stainless steel grids to keep prepped foods above the sink surface. When an angular look is desired, the POL2233 undermount sink is the perfect fit, whether as a positive reveal or flush installation. The larger basin measures 16'' x 17'', the smaller 13'' x 17'', and both have a 10-inch depth. Compare to the 3322OR Kitchen Ensemble which reverses the basins.

Specs & Installation


  • Ensemble Contains 5 Items: Sink, 2 Standard Strainers, and 2 Sink Grids
  • Certified High Quality 304 Stainless Steel
  • Heavy 16 Gauge Steel
  • Standard Strainer Fits Any 3.5" Drain
  • A Sink Grid Helps Prevent Scratches on the Bottom of the Sink Bowl
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