The Polaris P643 18 Gauge Kitchen Ensemble

The Polaris P643 18 Gauge Kitchen Ensemble

Price: $418

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Model: P643-18-ENS
The P643 stainless steel sink is the intriguing centerpiece of the P643 Kitchen Ensemble. This is one of the largest, single-bowl designs offered by Polaris and features a bulging curve design on the left side with an offset drain. As an undermount sink, it will flaunt its brushed-satin finish whether it is installed as a positive reveal, negative reveal, or flush mount. The P643 is made from premium 304-grade stainless steel and is available in 18 or 16-gauge. The full insulation prevents unwanted condensation, and the dampening pads reduce noise. The ensemble includes a durable, functional strainer and two custom-fitted stainless steel grids.

Specs & Installation


  • Ensemble Contains 4 Items: Sink, 1 Standard Strainers, and 2 Sink Grids
  • Certified High Quality 304 Stainless Steel
  • Heavy 18 Gauge Steel
  • Standard Strainer Fits Any 3.5" Drain
  • A Sink Grid Helps Prevent Scratches on the Bottom of the Sink Bowl
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