Kitchen Cupboards: Unlimited Boundaries

Kitchen cupboards date back to the 15th Century called Borde. With keyed locks, the original kitchen cupboards were designed with limited access to servants with the most trusted in possession of the key, referred to as the “key maid”. Originally designed as a large enclosure with no shelving, kitchen cupboards of yesteryears were primarily used to store large kitchen artifacts, stockpiling large amounts of grains and wheat of which were used in the production of various eatable foods for meals. In older homes at the turn of the Century, kitchen cupboards with glass doors, predominately and proudly displayed family heirlooms of for all to view with unlimited potential and boundaries.

Kitchen Cupboards vs. Kitchen Cabinets

Generally, there are a few differences between kitchen cupboards and kitchen cabinets. Depending on locality, kitchen cupboards were once considered a means of storing and display of cups, plates and other flatware. In hindsight, kitchen cabinets were basically used for storage units and rarely used for anything else. Whereas a kitchen cabinet may be considered multi-purpose with the addition of shelving, kitchen cupboards were often wall-mounted units used primarily for storage of food, while kitchen cabinets were floor mounted used to store other large kitchen items, keeping the kitchen clutter free in appearance. To date, depending on locality, the term kitchen cupboards applies to all kitchen enclosures regardless of the content that lies within.

Design Implications

With the evolution of time, changes were made to kitchen cupboards to present a more visible, attractive appearance. With the addition of doors, crown moldings and other “eye-catching” exterior visible additions, the interior of the once labeled kitchen cupboards took on new meaningful uses with design implications that continued to attract attention of potential purchasers who sought out the “best” is design and style, for social status. Meeting increasing demands of consumers, the transformation of kitchen cupboards to high-end kitchen cabinets was born setting a precedence that continues to grow and expand annually.

Unlimited Boundaries

As with any creation that meets a public demand, boundaries remain unlimited for future development. To date, the once useful now outdated kitchen cupboards are now a faded memory viewed in historic places of interest across the United States, replaced with kitchen cabinetry with unlimited boundaries and rising costs. A kitchen cabinet model or style introduced today is often outdated in a relatively short period of time, replaced by yet another style continuing the cycle in the production of futuristic cabinetry using antiquated kitchen cupboards original designs with unlimited boundaries.

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