Basic Construction of Kitchen Cabinets

Often taken for granted due to the unlimited variety available today, kitchen cabinets were first discovered dating back to the Roman Empire, perhaps before. With limited information available, one can assume that kitchen cabinets have been a part of a long heritage, dating back well beyond visual conception of adjoining together a few pieces of wood. Today, kitchen cabinets are a multi-billion dollar year business with prices ranging from a few hundred of dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Although somewhat simplistic in design, kitchen cabinets are an integral part of any kitchen today regardless of size offering additional space with beauty and uniformity.

Styles of Kitchen Cabinets

The styles of kitchen cabinets remain endless. From simple construction to custom made with intricate carvings, there has never been a wider selection of kitchen cabinets. Once constructed of simple or limited materials, the kitchen cabinets of today are precision made with accuracy within tolerances that were never before considered or imagined. From pre-assembled or (Ready-to Assemble), the latest trend in high quality cabinet selection, the selection of the appropriate kitchen cabinet often involves a high degree of forethought and extensive planning. With the kitchen considered the main focal point of the home, kitchen cabinets are chosen today to resemble individual preferences of the homeowner, reflecting style and distinctive personalities.

Composition of Kitchen Cabinets

MDF or Particle Board Construction

From rustic and un-even dimensions of kitchen cabinetry of yesteryears to the timeless styles offered today, kitchen cabinets are composed of many different types of materials. Lower end cabinets, those often found pre-assembled in national home improvement and specialized department stores, are mainly comprised of MDF (Medium density fiber board) or particle board. Appearing to be of high quality, kitchen cabinets comprised of MDF or particle board are subject to moisture retention with seam separation commonly noted.

Plywood Construction

Kitchen cabinets constructed of ½” plywood are perhaps the most economical with increased durability. Cabinet boxes constructed with rigid plywood offer greater resistance to moisture with extended wear; enduring for many years after all warranty expirations. With the latest trend in kitchen cabinet selection, RTA (Ready-to-Assemble) kitchen cabinets attracting increased attention, RTA kitchen cabinets offer higher quality cabinets with specialized cam locking assemblies, providing for a more rigid and durable cabinet for a fraction of the cost of more expensive cabinetry. RTA cabinets may be seen in upper-scale homes with visual appearances that are stunning and dramatic revealing compelling evidence of a new trend that is soon to become an everyday occurrence.

Woods of Kitchen Cabinets

For generations, oak has predominately been the premier wood used in kitchen cabinets. With the evolution of time and changing styles and preferences, oak kitchen cabinets have been over-shadowed by an influx of a variety of woods used to construct the kitchen cabinets of today. From Maple, in many shades to cherry and exotic woods, kitchen cabinets available today are vivid images of skills practiced and brought forward by generations of the past, skills that will continue to be passed on to other generations to create the next trend in cabinetry with futuristic results drawn from the basic construction of kitchen cabinets.

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