Kitchen Cabinets Wholesale: The Beginning Legacy

In these days of economic slowdown, available funds once spent for new home construction or the remodeling of existing homes remains limited. Funds once spent to build or improve the value of a home or place of business now lies dormant waiting for better economic times with promises for a better tomorrow. Using available funds wisely, with increased proficient purchasing of more for less has become the norm, stretching the dollar to the fullest potential. With increased emphasis placed on spending limits, purchasing superior kitchen cabinets wholesale during stringent economic times still remains extremely affordable and practical.

Original Introduction

When purchasing kitchen cabinets wholesale, at local home improvement centers, kitchen cabinets were often pre-assembled, with varying degrees of quality. Due to higher labor and construction costs with declining public interest, local home improvement stores began a gradual reduction of pre-assembled kitchen cabinetry, replacing old traditional cabinetry with RTA (Ready-to Assemble) kitchen and bath cabinetry. With DIY assembly, installation and affordable pricing per cabinet, RTA (Ready-to Assemble) kitchen cabinetry became an immediate success, offering an affordable solution to high end specialized cabinetry. Unfortunately, the quality of these cabinets offered at local home improvement stores, lacked quality and durability.

Renewed Technology

With renewed technology, the online RTA cabinet store rekindled new life in purchasing superior kitchen cabinets wholesale. As direct importers of ready-to assemble kitchen cabinets, the RTA cabinet store instilled new consumer confidence in a product once labeled as “cheap” with rebirth of solid wood kitchen cabinets with integrity, durability and affordability. To date, as the premier leader in the distribution of the finest kitchen and bath cabinetry available from coast to coast, the RTA cabinet store continues to grow and expand with renewed and growing loyal consumer support and confidence in purchasing kitchen cabinets wholesale.

Of Competitive Nature

As consumer interest increased when purchasing RTA kitchen ca
binets wholesale, manufacturers of RTA kitchen cabinets followed. With an unlimited amount of RTA cabinet manufacturers and distributors available on the Internet, only the online RTA cabinet store offers the most competitive pricing on a large selection of beautiful grained kitchen cabinets wholesale. With a no hassle best price guarantee, the online RTA cabinet store meets and beats all competitors prices on a consistent basis with superior rich, full grained “solid wood” cabinets manufactured to pre-set stringent specifications, with paralleled affordability, beauty and awe-inspiring completed installations.

National Recognition

Recently featured on HGTV, the RTA cabinet store has achieved national recognition in the distribution of enhanced cabinetry for the kitchen, bath and laundry. Where many distributors may offer kitchen cabinets wholesale, only the RTA cabinet store has a beginning legacy with no end in sight. With positive customer reviews available on the RTA cabinet store website, from home and business owners alike who have purchased kitchen cabinets wholesale from the RTA cabinet store website, the continuance of a legacy in the distribution of high-quality, high-end kitchen cabinets wholesale, saving consumers thousands of dollars, will only perpetuate far into the future.