Kitchen Cabinetry: Unlimited Available Options

Kitchen cabinetry has been transformed by dramatic changes in configurations and styles. From rustic un-enclosed shelving mounted to walls by various means to the elegant style of modern day kitchens, kitchen cabinetry no longer resembles kitchen cabinetry used by our forefathers however the intended use remains the same. Once considered as a convenience for storage of food products and kitchen utensils, the selection of kitchen cabinetry for installation in a home can be a painstaking decision based on the many applicable styles available that continue to change.

Selection Process

Selecting the appropriate kitchen cabinetry is based on numerous factors of which overall or total cost is ultimately brought into the equation. From a few hundred dollars to in excess of thousands of dollars, the overall cost for the appropriate kitchen cabinetry often overshadows durability and construction features which should be taken into full consideration. Spending more in the selection of high quality kitchen cabinetry will result in less associated maintenance or replacement costs in the future. Kitchen cabinetry manufacturers of today use various construction methods and procedures by means of a wide range of suitable materials. Depending on allotted budget, the selection of kitchen cabinetry for a home should always be based on knowledge of available materials, not on sales pitches, the latest in trends or maintaining social status.

Pre-built vs. RTA (Ready-to-Assemble)

The majority of kitchen cabinetry chosen today is either pre-built, selected from the shelf of local home improvement stores or custom built. Selecting pre-built, in-stock, kitchen cabinetry greatly limits choices with additional charges often associated with “in-house” design layouts. Dollar for dollar and in comparative association, pre-built, in-house selection of kitchen cabinetry often exceeds allotted budget restrictions quickly including installation charges by qualified, experienced professionals costing far more than RTA (Ready-to-Assemble) kitchen cabinetry.

RTA (Ready-to-Assemble) kitchen cabinetry has come a long way since initial introduction. Once considered as cheap cabinets of lesser quality, RTA kitchen cabinetry of today are beautiful, elegant and affordable, resembling custom cabinets for a fraction of the cost. With a wider selection of available styles and finishing woods to choose from, RTA kitchen cabinetry offers additional benefits not offered by pre-built or custom cabinet manufacturers which include:

• Reduced overall costs with savings of thousands of dollars common.
• Immediate availability with a large on-hand inventory.
• Delivery options, including curb delivery to home.
• Rugged construction with solid wood backs and ½” plywood sides.
• “User-friendly” online design with the latest in “free” CAD (Computer Animated Design) programs.
• Easy assembly with step-by-step illustrated instructions.
• Homeowner installed, saving hundreds of dollars in professional installation costs.
• Greater design capability.
• Online selection with reduced costs and promotions saving additional funds.
• Guaranteed complete customer satisfaction.
• Superior warranties

With the kitchen considered as the central “focal point” in any home, RTA kitchen cabinetry requires an another look when selecting kitchen cabinetry for a home. Adding elegance with updated styles and affordability, RTA kitchen cabinetry offers attractive features and a complete line of accessories to accommodate any individual preference. Choosing RTA kitchen cabinetry for any home is a wise decision with unlimited available options.

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