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When you are ready to do a remodeling project in the kitchen it be one of the best ways to boost the overall appeal of your home. Although a kitchen remodel is an exciting project it can also be overwhelming as you are faced with seemingly endless options when it comes to improvement of the kitchen area. The time it takes to invest in the right decisions for your kitchen remodeling preferences will pay off in the long run. Research indicates that a well-done kitchen remodel significantly increases the value of your home. When facing the challenge of choosing the best kitchen cabinetry, use the following guide to determine what will best suit your needs.

A Guide to Buying your Kitchen Cabinets

It is true that the foundation for every kitchen is the cabinetry. All kitchen cabinets are meant to be custom made in order to fit the needs of the kitchen and the people using the kitchen space. You may be a person who needs space for a large amount of spices or you may have specialty-baking pans or require pantry space for a large family. In any case there are a myriad of options in cabinetry and accessories designed to meet every imaginable culinary need. The initial decisions that need to be made concerning kitchen cabinetry have to do with a preference for which design and type best suited to your remodeling plans. Kitchen cabinetry is available at different levels of customization and price.

“Stock” cabinets are often on display within the store and would be general in size and shape. These most commonly used shapes can be purchased according to the needed size right off the shelves of the storeroom. There are not often a wide variety of sizes and shapes offered with "stock" cabinets but they are the least expensive option, fitting within the more modest remodeling budget.

“Semi-custom” cabinets do not get built until after they are specialty ordered by the customer. This option also comes within certain shapes and sizes that are more standard. These types of cabinets require more time for them to be made since they will be more customized than what is in stock. The flexibility of this option will make it more convenient to match the cabinets to the specific kitchen space within your home. Due to the customized component this is a more costly and time-consuming option.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets

If you are looking for custom oak kitchen cabinets, custom maple kitchen cabinets or anything in-between we can help. "Custom" cabinets are created to very specific measurements entirely by hand with no stock sizes and or shapes used.

These can be created to fit any type of space required no matter how odd or irregular the intended space may be. It is true that a professional cabinetry creator can design and make anything you can dream up, from scratch. This, of course, makes the full custom option the most time-consuming and expensive option of them all. The estimated cost for this option will largely depend on the various indicators including design and materials. Planning ahead for the time allotted to make "custom" cabinets will depend on how much time the expert cabinetry maker has available in the schedule so be sure to plan accordingly.

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Purchase Sample Door Cabinet List Cost for a 10x10 Kitchen:   $2033.17

Purchase Sample Door Cabinet List Cost for a 10x10 Kitchen:   $1,645.78
Purchase Sample Door Cabinet List Cost for a 10x10 Kitchen:   $1,640.28

Best-Selling Cabinet Styles

Our best-selling cabinet lines give you the latest in kitchen design trends.

Purchase Sample Door Cabinet List Cost for a 10x10 Kitchen:   $1,715.14
Purchase Sample Door Cabinet List Cost for a 10x10 Kitchen:   $1,632.51

Purchase Sample Door Cabinet List Cost for a 10x10 Kitchen:   $2,033.17
Purchase Sample Door Cabinet List Cost for a 10x10 Kitchen:   $1,736.71

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Cabinet Specifications

We provide full specifications on all of our cabinet products including wood type, overlay type, door style, hinge visibility and function, drawer glides and more.

Cabinet Name
Wood Species Maple Maple Maple/Birch Maple
Finish/Color Cherry Stained Vanilla White Painted Honey Spice
Face Frame: 3/4" Solid Maple 3/4" Solid Maple 3/4" Solid Hardwood 3/4" Solid Maple
Door and Drawer Front: 3/4" Solid Maple 3/4" Solid Maple Hardwood w/ MDF Center 3/4" Solid Maple
Door Style: Miter Door, Raised Panel Shaker Flat Panel, Shaker Style Heritage Moulding
Overlay: 3/4 Overlay Full Full Half
Side, Top, and Bottom: 1/2" Plywood 1/2" Plywood 1/2" Plywood 1/2" Plywood
Shelves: 5/8" Plywood 5/8" Plywood 5/8" Plywood 5/8" Plywood
Assembly: Plastic Camlock Plastic Camlock Metal Clip Lock Plastic Camlock
Hinges: Concealed Concealed Concealed 6-Way Adjustable Concealed
Drawer Box: 1/2" Plywood 1/2" Plywood Solid Wood 1/2" Plywood
Drawer Glides: Euro-Epoxy Undermount Side Mount Euro-Epoxy Undermount Side Mount

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