A Tiny Kitchen in a Tiny House Doesn’t Have to Have Tiny Kitchen Cabinets!

spice rackTiny houses by definition are small. They’re not meant to hold a massive bedroom and sprawling kitchen with an island and endless kitchen cabinets. They’re meant to be small and modest and that means sacrificing space. Space is a hot commodity in a tiny house, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have kitchen cabinets with plenty of space for your pots, pans and anything else you plan on using. The kitchen is a necessary space in the house and while you can shrink things down to the barest of bones, you don’t have to keep your kitchen cabinets small and compact.

Choose the Right Cabinets

The size and shape of the cabinets you choose is going to have a huge impact on how it looks in your tiny house. There are some cabinets that were made for large and standard kitchens and there are others that seem to be created just for tiny houses. When you’re choosing the type and shape of the cabinets, keep in mind the dimension of your kitchen and where the appliances will go. One miss step and you could have a refrigerator bumping into a cabinet or a drawer that can’t open when a different drawer is open. We’ve seen it a thousand times. You can maximize your space by choosing the right style of cabinet and making sure it fits snugly into the space available.

Use Hooks and Other Accessories

The cabinets themselves have a finite storage capacity, but if you use cabinet accessories like hooks, rails and magnetic strips, then you can drastically increase the storage space. Hooks and magnetic strips can be installed on walls and even under cabinets to hold items like utensils, pots and pans and cutlery. This can save space in drawers and cabinets, so you can put in other items. It’s also a great way to keep common utensils on hand without having to dig through drawers. It’s important to maximize your storage space in a tiny house any way you can.

Measure, Measure and Measure Again

If there is one most important aspect of choosing kitchen cabinets for a tiny house, it’s making proper measurements beforehand. Tiny house kitchens can be small and have unique shapes, so make sure your measurements are accurate. Take the measurements multiple times and then measure it again. Why is this so important? You want to take advantage of every inch in that tiny home. You don’t want cabinets that are too short or too long for the area. Try to utilize as much space as possible, so you’re not lamenting it later.

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