RTA Cabinet Spotlight

Choice is a great thing, and allows all of us to customize ourselves and our surroundings to fit our desires and needs.  But it’s impossible to know all of the choices out there, and what those choices even mean.  When it comes to RTA kitchen cabinets, we here at RTA Cabinet Store have a wide selection of great cabinets, and we are going to showcase a few cabinets every month to give you an idea of what’s available and why it’s so great.

The Casa Blanca Style

For light RTA kitchen cabinets, we have the Casa Blanca style.  These are contemporary European style cabinets, with no face frame but rather full door and drawer coverage.  The style is all creamy white with a golden glaze, and has a pillow door style.  It’s elegant and yet homey at the same time.

Any kitchen with these cabinets instantly feels inviting.  Considering that the doors and face frames are all solid wood, and the sides are solid plywood, these cabinets are built to last a lifetime.  The inside is finished as well, so even when opening the cabinets, the same sense of style and grace is there.

Stone Grey Shaker

Grey kitchen cabinets are a great way to create a more neutral kitchen that will match any home.  The grey is not overbearing in the least, and is a perfect example of what grey Shaker cabinets should be.  The doors and drawers are all made from high density fibreboard, which means they are sturdy, stable, and won’t crack or split due to expansion or contraction.  The boxes are painted plywood, further adding to their stability and durability.  This kitchen also comes with all soft close drawer and door hardware as well.

The Lexington Line

The Lexington style of dark RTA kitchen cabinets is simple and perfect.  With clean lines and a traditional darker wooden hue, this style line looks classic, but with a modern touch.  Intentionally, to give the RTA cabinets flare and style, the doors and drawers have a distressed look, with knots and other characteristics visible.  They truly make a great looking kitchen.

Before you make a move to buy your new kitchen cabinets, be sure to download The Consumer’s Guide to Kitchen Cabinets and our free bonus reports, The Kitchen Remodel Survival Guide and Our Top 12 Most Popular Design Ideas.

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