Benefits of a Large-Sized Kitchen Design

vanilla_shakerLarge kitchens can be a pain to clean, but you can’t help but love all that space. A large sized kitchen design has many advantages over smaller kitchens in many ways. If you’re remodeling or thinking about moving into a new home, make sure you have a good sized kitchen. You’ll appreciate the space it affords and the many other benefits you’re probably not thinking about.

Design Variety for Practical Kitchen Cabinets

They say variety is the spice of life, but tell that to someone with a small kitchen. When you have a large kitchen space, you open yourself up to more kitchen cabinet design choices. You’re not limited by space, so you can have cabinets of different sizes, more cabinets, kitchen cabinet accessories and more.

You can check out our kitchen design tool and see exactly what options you have. Why not add a space for a dishwasher? When you have a large kitchen, you have far more design options than those with smaller kitchens. Take advantage of it and customize your cabinets.

All That Glorious Kitchen Cabinet Storage

One of the biggest complaints people have about their kitchen is they don’t have enough storage. Smaller kitchens need smaller cabinets or fewer cabinets, and that can be a major problem. The last thing people want to do is mix and match dishes or food because they don’t have enough cabinet space.

Large kitchens give you freedom. It’s not just the cabinets that can be used for storage in large kitchens, but kitchen islands as well. If the kitchen is large enough to support the island, you can add considerable storage and functionality to your kitchen.

Movement and Kitchen Countertop Functionality

When you’re trying to make dinner, it can be difficult to move around in a small kitchen. If you’ve got kitchen helpers, then it’s nearly impossible, as everyone runs into each other and food inevitably falls to the floor. Anyone that has had to order pizza because the meatloaf fell understands that pain. A large kitchen offers freedom of movement and more than a little elbow room. The kitchen countertops are also large and give you plenty of room to place pots, dishes and trays. You’re not shuffling them around, which decreases the chances of dropping one on the floor.

Why not begin your kitchen cabinet search by checking out our free guide. It’s got everything you need to start your cabinet journey.

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