Kitchen Cabinets for under $300!! That is Crazy!

A couple of months ago, we were brainstorming about how we could make kitchen cabinets even more affordable.   If I told most people that they could have new kitchen cabinets for under $300 they would think I was crazy!   Well… we made it happen.   We put together a new line of cabinets that we are calling starter kitchens.   Starting under $300, you can get a 5 foot section of base and wall cabinets in a variety of styles and finishes.   These new kits are perfect for small apartments or for people looking for discount kitchen cabinets.   The response so far has been overwhelming.   Contractors are asking "Where has this been the past couple of years?"… 

Now the starter kitchens are not going to be ideal for everyone, since they are only five feet of cabinets, but you can still get the same styles that are listed under the kitchen cabinet category.   So if you own any apartments, have rental units, or just need a small section of kitchen cabinetry, these starter kitchens are perfect!

Starter Set


2 thoughts on “Kitchen Cabinets for under $300!! That is Crazy!

  1. Looking for 5′ of cabinets with sink included in 5′. Looking for simple design for rental unit.

    1. William- That is simple to do if you go to any of our cabinet lines. You just put together a couple of cabinets to create 5 ft. The most economical will be oak, ginger maple, or sunset. If you need help with it, you can always email

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