Kitchen Cabinetry Choices Based On Your Zodiac Sign – Part 2: Earth

white shakerWelcome to the second installment in our four-part series on kitchen cabinetry choices viewed through the lens of the zodiac.  Many people are very connected to their Zodiac sign and feel that it has a large influence over their lives.  The twelve zodiac signs can be divided by their main elements: earth, fire, water and air.  This article will cover the Earth signs.

Read on to find out what sort of kitchen you might like to have based on your Zodiac sign.  The earth zodiac signs: Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus, are usually more practical signs and take food preparation seriously.

The Virgo’s Ideal Kitchen Cabinetry

The perfectionist Virgo will plan perfectly the kitchen. Their measurements and blueprints of the food preparation chamber will surprise even professionals.  Believe us, here at RTA Cabinet Store, when this has come up and we have been helping a Virgo with kitchen design, it’s sometimes more just confirmation of details rather than in-depth planning from our side!

That being said, the Virgo will have a pretty good idea what style and design they want to use, but just to make sure it is perfect, they will hire a professional interior designer if they can afford it.  Many of them love our free kitchen design consultation!  That way they not only get closer to their idea of a flawless kitchen, but also save money for that professional chef’s knife they’ve been thinking about lately.

The typical Virgo will be most inclined to rely on some classical style, good organization and will stay away from clutter.  Classical white shaker cabinets, such as our Frosted White Shaker RTA kitchen cabinets, are ideal for them.  Clean, stylish, and not a lot of clutter.  Check them out at

Taurus Takes Their Time

The gourmand Taurus thinks everything could be fixed with a nice chicken soup for the soul and little treats. Most likely they will be almost like professional chefs, keeping in their sleeves all kinds of tasty ideas from grandma’s chili to Dutch pancakes. As very down to earth, loyal creatures, they will feel most comfortable with natural wood or brown kitchen cabinets, but whatever it is, it should look and feel natural and solid. The sense of plastic or other artificial materials will chase away the bull. There had also better be a proper space for their homegrown spices!

The Taurus tends to go straight for the dark kitchen cabinets section available on RTA Cabinet Store.  You can find them at the bottom of the page at

Capricorn Kitchen Cabinetry

The practical Capricorn might go for darker colors that do not show stains like white does and also the best value for money deal. They will check out all of the deals available, read forums and ask friends, but without spending too much time on it. They’re not writing a thesis on it and time is money. This zodiac sign won’t be delighted to pay extra money for mounting and assembling the furniture, so it is most likely that he or she will try to find some good quality stuff that could be assembled by themselves in just a few hours.

Needless to say, RTA kitchen cabinets fit this Zodiac sign like a glove!  The discerning Capricorn may end up at to read the reviews there.  This will make the Capricorn feel secure.

It’s easy to decide which style of cabinet you like best, but not so easy to design a whole kitchen (unless you are a Virgo perhaps!) based on that design. RTA Cabinet Store has expertly trained designers on staff and ready to help! Sign up now to get your free, no obligation design consultation at







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