Helpful Kitchen Cabinet Installation Tips

Contractor Talking with Customer Over Custom Kitchen Drawing.When you decide to go the DIY route and install your own kitchen cabinets, it’s not always as easy as you think. Everyone needs kitchen cabinet installation tips because if things go wrong there’s no going back. You want your kitchen cabinets installed perfectly, so make sure you take these tips to heart.

Measure Everything Twice Before Kitchen Cabinet Setup

Before you begin installation or even ordering, measure your kitchen cabinet areas several times. Once you order your cabinets, there’s no going back. You could be the best installer in the world, but if the cabinets aren’t measured correctly, then they’re not going to fit in the space provided. They’ll be too short, too long or the cabinet drawers and doors won’t function correctly because of space issues. Installing wrongly measured cabinets is demoralizing and the hassle of sending back and getting a new set sent over is time consuming and expensive. Get it right the first time, so installation isn’t a nightmare.

A Mallet Can Be Your DIY Kitchen Renovation Best Friend

The cabinets need to be put together securely and that sometimes means a little knock with a rubber mallet. There’s nothing better for quickly and safely putting the cabinet boxes in place. You may want to use a hammer, but the blunt metal end can damage the cabinet doors. You don’t want a nick in your cabinets the day install them. Once all the box parts are securely in place, you can screw them together and install them on the wall. The only tools you’ll need to build and install your cabinets are a mallet, screwdriver and level.

Secure the Kitchen Cabinet Shelves to a Stud

No, we’re not talking Channing Tatum in Magic Mike kind of stud here. A stud is a support beam behind the wall that is made up of 2×4 boards spaced 16 inches or 24 inches apart. It’s very important you find the studs and attach the cabinets to them and not the unsupported wall. If you don’t, then the weight of the cabinets, dishes, etc. will eventually begin to pull the cabinets away from the wall. This is an eyesore and will cause the cabinets to fall. Secure the cabinets to the studs and they’ll stay put for years and years.

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