Gray Kitchen Cabinets for Any Home Style

One thing that pretty much any designer knows about the color gray, is that it matches with lots of things.  This is why gray is a great idea for a kitchen design with understated elegance.  Whether your house is nouveau, high class, rustic or anything else, you can’t go wrong with gray kitchen cabinets.  They are also a great choice for people who want to have strong kitchen accents.  It’s a clean looking baseline color that can handle a lot of inspiration and adaptation.  Many choose to get these cabinets and use strong colors for accessories on the countertops, or to paint the walls a bright color.

Gray RTA Kitchen Cabinets Are Great

Gray RTA cabinets from RTA Cabinet store have a lot going for them.  For one, gray is one of the easiest colors to keep looking clean.  While we all would love to say that we are pedantic about keeping our kitchens pristine, there are times when you are in a hurry and miss that bit of splatter or wiping down those cabinet doors.

With white kitchen cabinetry, that can be a real problem, as literally every speck shows up as an eyesore.  With a black or dark kitchen cabinet, you may miss something, and that light colored sauce is going to stick out as well.  With a gray kitchen though, you can relax a bit.  Another great thing about gray is that there are multiple styles available, such as the medium colored Stone Grey Shaker line ( and the darker West Point Grey line (  Both lines are superb, with hardwood and thick plywood construction.  Which one you should choose for that gray kitchen is mostly a matter of taste.

“Gray” or “Grey”?

As a side note, in most designer item names, the color is spelled g-r-e-y, but both spellings of the color are correct.  It doesn’t make a difference, though, when it comes to the beauty of the cabinets.  There is a lot of information out there about kitchen cabinets, and some of it is confusing and/or contradictory, just like our question of “gray” or “grey.”  You can quickly educate yourself about the industry, by getting the inside scoop on buying cabinets online, including common dirty tricks and misconceptions. Get The Consumer’s Guide to Buying Kitchen Cabinets—it’s a free downloadable book that will help put your mind at ease.


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