What Are Finished Cabinet Accessories and Trim, and Why Do I Need Them?

Slab Style doors in Villa CherryFor each line of RTA kitchen cabinets we carry here at RTA Cabinet Store, we have a range of finished accessories.  All of our cabinets lines need these, as each house is different, and each kitchen will need pieces to tie it all together above and beyond just the RTA kitchen cabinets themselves.

Kitchen Cabinet Panels

There are four main types of panels you may need, including base end panels, which are used to make a finished look for the exposed ends of cabinets.  This is pretty important for the look of your kitchen.

Wall end panels are basically the same thing as the base end panels, except they are for the RTA kitchen cabinets hanging on the wall.  Dishwasher end panels are also used to make a finished look for the end of your cabinets, but in situations where the dishwasher is placed at the end of your cabinet line.  It is made slightly differently than a base panel, helping to keep a more uniform look from both sides.

The final type of panel available is the kitchen island panel.  Due to the nature of a kitchen island, the RTA kitchen cabinets making it up will have exposed sides and backs.  These panels are made to be able to cover up the backs, and come in larger sizes as well, to have the ability to span multiple cabinet boxes.

Wine and Plate Racks

If you are a wine drinker, then a wine rack is a great addition to your kitchen.  Available for most of the styles, it’s a great way to create a custom look for your kitchen, and add a great storage place for your wine, too!

The plate racks are very useful as well, and allow you to keep your plates in a beautiful open storage area, normally located for easy access above the sink, where washing, drying and storing them can be an easy operation.  They add just a bit of flair to the kitchen, and really help to customize it.

Finished Cabinet Trim

Cabinet trim is something that most, if not all kitchens need.  A long piece of trim on the floor, tying everything together, and on the ceiling, is vital to most kitchen designs.  Check out what’s available for your kitchen here: https://www.rtacabinetstore.com/RTA-Kitchen-Cabinet-Accessories/finished-accessories/.

Just remember, most of the cabinet-accessories pages on our website also contain more than trim, including replacement doors and other items sometimes unique to the style.

Before you make a move to buy your new kitchen cabinets, be sure to download The Consumer’s Guide to Kitchen Cabinets and our free bonus reports, The Kitchen Remodel Survival Guide and Our Top 12 Most Popular Design Ideas.

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