DIY Kitchen Design – 1: How to Get Inspired

Many of our customers say they have a dream of what they’d like their kitchen to look like after they remodel it, but often find it difficult to translate that idea into a real design they can achieve with affordable RTA cabinets. To start with, DIY kitchen design is a lot easier once you accept that it’s okay to take inspiration from places other than your own mind. If you’re there already, great! If not, here are some sources to get you inspired.

Magazines and E-zines

There is no shortage of magazines and websites, like Better Homes & Gardens, that often show off dream kitchens. While you may not have the budget to exactly replicate what you see, they’re still a great way to get your vision into a form you can actually start to plan and design around. It’s easy to get started this way, though; just google something like “interior decorating kitchen design” and let your whims guide you. Just take care not to get discouraged by the shower of pure fabulous they’ll show you; you’re looking for inspiration, not envy.

TV Shows and Movies

The bigger the budget for a show or movie, the more likely it is that the set designers put together a kitchen to precisely match the mood and characterization of the people who live there. Do you have a show that makes you wish you could live in the character’s house and use their kitchen? The dark, moody contrast in House of Cards, for instance, or the elegant stylings in The Crown could offer inspiration. In fact, it’s been said that the current trend of grays and neutral earth tones was in part inspired by Downton Abbey.

Our Own Source of Inspiration

Over the years, we’ve looked at a lot of kitchens, believe us! There are some designs that are just timeless, and we offer several resources to help you find inspiration and get a head-start on the design aspect.

First, go to any model line of RTA kitchen cabinets you like on, then look for the “Design Ideas” tab. There, you’ll find dozens of designs that might spark your imagination. These are ideas we’ve taken from all over the world of kitchen renovation, inspired by magazines, books, and shows, just like you might be doing now. But we’ve redesigned them using our own models of top-quality RTA cabinets, taking the guess-work out of the equation.

Another great resource is our free e-book, The Consumer’s Guide to Kitchen Cabinets, and our free bonus reports, The Kitchen Remodel Survival Guide and Our Top 12 Most Popular Design Ideas. These contain inspiration built directly out of our own cabinets, so there’s nothing approximate about them; you could put exactly what you see, right into your own home, for far less than you might think. Check it out today!


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