Clean Your Kitchen Cabinetry Right to Extend Its Life

Woman Cleaning CabinetYou have your new kitchen cabinets installed, and they look awesome.  Betting that you were smart and chose stability, longevity, style, and to pay a lower cost, we’d guess you have installed RTA kitchen cabinets from RTA Cabinet Store.  There is just one thing you have to remember, your cabinets will last a long time, in great condition with pretty minimal effort, but there is a bit of effort required.  Educating yourself on proper cabinet cleaning methods and avoiding damage to your cabinets can make the difference of years, if not decades, in the life of your kitchen.

The Old Stand-By Method for New Kitchen Cabinets

The best thing you can do to avoid damage to your cabinets is to clean them using a tried and true method.  A soft cotton cloth and warm water.  That’s it.  Most of the cabinets sold at RTA Cabinet Store have a pretty tough exterior, and a soft cloth and warm water will get off just about everything.  That being said, some things are just too tough, so you can use just a bit of mild dishwashing liquid mixed with water on that occasion.  If something is really crusted on, try wetting it and letting it sit for a while.  It should become softer and be able to be wiped off in just a few minutes.

The Dreaded Scratching

Avoid ANYTHING that would scratch or otherwise damage the surface of your cabinets.  This means sponges or dish cloths, any strong soaps, scouring pads, steel wool, tub or sink cleansers, harsh detergents, etc.  You get the picture!  When scratching the cabinets, while you may not see it, you give the dust, dirt and grime an area to stick on to and attack.  Breaking the surface seal like this can also eventually leave worn or dull spots.

Clean Your Kitchen Cabinets Immediately!

Wipe down things that get on your cabinets right away.  If you don’t, not only do you run the risk of it drying and scratching the surface when you do get to it, but things CAN soak in and permanently discolor your cabinets.

Solutions to Serious Problems

If something does happen to your cabinets, and you got them from a reputable dealer like RTA Cabinet Store, all is not lost.  Most places keep replacement doors and drawer faces for many years, so you can replace the door of the cabinet (see  There are replacement parts for just about every style.  If you can’t find them, go ahead and call!

If your dull or scratched spot is on the frame, look for a bit of non-abrasive wax which you can use to fill in the gaps of the scratches.  Remember though, the life and longevity of your kitchen is only maximized by proper cleaning.  You have to get the right cabinets to get that longevity.  Go ahead and sign up for your no obligation, completely free kitchen design consultation with one of RTA Cabinet Store’s professional designers at to get that amazing kitchen you have been dreaming of!

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