Ways To Improve Kitchen Cabinet Storage

natural shaker kitchenIt seems that no matter how big your kitchen cabinets get, there is never enough storage. We tend to accumulate items through the years that just add to the problem. Kitchen cabinet storage is a big issue for people because you buy a new dish set on sale and you don’t have the heart to throw the old one away, or you get silverware for a gift and just add to the existing lot. Before long, your cabinets runneth over. Luckily, there are ways to improve your cabinets’ storage capacity.

Combine Dishes

Everything has its place and every place has a thing. That’s a bit difficult to do when you don’t have a lot of cabinet space. One way to increase your capacity is to combine dishes. For example, instead of having an entire cabinet for plates and another for bowls, why not combine them. If you have two separate sets of plates, then combine them into one. This can significantly add space to your cabinets. If you’re working with multiple sets of dishes or silverware, then it could end up being a tight fit, but if it means more space for other items, then it’s worth it.

Organize With Rev-A-Shelf Accessories

Even if you want to organize your cabinets, there’s only so much you can do. The cabinets are basically holes that you can only fill in so many ways, but that all changes with Rev-A-Shelf accessories. They allow you to insert dividers and special drawers to help make better use of space.

For example, instead of shoving all your spices into a cabinet, save some space with an in-door spice rack or a pull-out shelving system to better organize your dry or canned goods. There are many different accessories to fit many different needs. You’ll love what Rev-A-Shelf can do for you. If you can’t find anything because you must sift through 30 different canned goods or spices, then make your life easier with Rev-A-Shelf.

Use Tops of RTA Kitchen Cabinets

If you have items that you don’t use often, then take them out of the cabinet and place them in the space above the cabinets. Many times there is space above the cabinets that is too small for something decorative, but it’s the perfect spot for dishes that don’t see much use. If you don’t like the idea of people seeing the dishes, then buy wicker baskets or other containers to hold them. It’ll not only improve space in the cabinets, but also add a little décor to your kitchen while taking advantage of all the storage space available, both inside and outside the cabinets.

If you can’t make the space work, then it’s time for new cabinets. Check out our free design tool and see how your kitchen can change with better cabinets.

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