Kitchen Cabinet Storage Conversions for Everyday Convenience

The way your kitchen looks makes a great first impression to be sure, and our quality RTA cabinets are sure to impress. But, for you as a homeowner, what really determines your long-term satisfaction with your kitchen is how easy and pleasurable it is to use, day in and day out. Here are some larger projects to convert your cabinets’ storage capabilities to let you use more space, more conveniently.

Roll-Out Trays

The biggest problem we see with old-fashioned kitchen cabinets is that a lot of the potential storage space in the base cabinets is wasted, because people can’t or don’t want to get down on all fours and crawl halfway into them to reach to the back! Roll-out trays are kind of like a combination between a heavy-duty drawer, and a moving floor. With these, in effect, the entire floor of a base cabinet can slide out into the open, heavy pots and pans included, making it easy to access, and thus take advantage of, all that extra storage space.

Glideware Cabinet Organizers

Another great way to organize your everyday cookware is by hanging them from hooks. Doing so from the ceiling may be convenient in a commercial kitchen, but it’s tacky in a home. Instead, with these heavy-duty gliding rails, you can hang your pots and skillets inside your base cabinets! They glide effortlessly out into the open for easy accessibility, and are sturdy enough to hold 100 pounds of cookware. Say hello to Glideware and goodbye to inconvenient stacks of pots and pans that damage their non-stick finish.

Door Conversion Kits

The cleverest addition to kitchen design in decades, Rev-A-Shelf has many kits that convert a cabinet’s door into, in effect, the front of a full-size drawer. Once slid out into the open, these unique storage solutions can contain shelves, racks, baskets, and other storage solutions.

They come in a huge variety of widths and uses, including:

  • Spice racks that take advantage of narrow filler panels, making that once wasted space useful
  • Double trash and recycle cans that glide out all the way into the open, nice and neat
  • Shelves for small kitchen appliances or cleaning products
  • Racks for large soup pots and bakeware
  • Ultra-deep drawers for utensils, towels, or anything else you can imagine

The possibilities really are endless, and since a picture’s worth a thousand words, come take a look at our Rev-A-Shelf accessories page! As always, our staff is standing by to answer any questions you may have. Call us today at 610-624-2055!

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