Are All Kitchen Cabinet Hinges Reversible?

There are many reasons why one would want to have their kitchen cabinet hinges reversible. They might want to create an interesting door opening pattern, have an area where the door needs to open one way or the other, or simply like the idea of being able to change things up whenever they feel like it. Whatever the reason, there are cabinets, especially RTA kitchen cabinets, which come standard with reversible hinges.

Reversible Hinge Cabinet Lines

Almost all of our styles come with reversible hinges, though many times this needs to be chosen when the cabinet is put together. Cabinet lines which come standard with soft close door hardware have reversible hinges as well, and these can sometimes be easily changed after installation as well.

This hardware allows doors to be push-to-click opened and closed, without always needing a set of pilot holes in the face of the door for pull hardware, knobs and handles. This is an important consideration, as that is where the real problem lies. Even though cabinet lines have the ability to reverse the hinges, where your doors have pull hardware, you might end up with an ugly hole on the wrong side of the door!

Fixing the Problem

Fortunately, there is a solution. If you need to reverse a door at one place, you may just be able to swap two doors that open the opposite way of each other. If this is not an option, RTA Cabinet Store carries replacement doors for just about every line of cabinets they have ever sold, making it easy to get a cheap replacement so you can drill the hole on the side you need it.

Alternately, if your kitchen has a wood-based finish, you can fill the hole up with wood putty, let it dry, sand it down, touch it up with just a bit of laquer, and you are done. If you want to have a professional do it, you can most likely get someone in to do it very cheaply, though there are many tutorials, oftentimes from repair kit manufacturers, which you can watch online.

If you are getting ready to install a new kitchen though, make sure you know which way you want your doors to open. Your cabinet line will almost always support reversible hinges. Check out an example here: You can see that none of the models sold specify right or left opening door, because you choose that option when you put the cabinet together.

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