The Versatility of Brushed Nickel Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Whether you’re building a new kitchen from the cabinets on up, or giving your existing cabinets a facelift with some new hardware, it’s tough to beat the versatility of brushed nickel kitchen cabinet hardware. Our wide selection of styles and designs further amplifies this versatility, letting this finish, often also called “satin nickel,” tackle everything from clean simplicity to jewel-like accents, all while remaining easy to clean and maintain.

Brushed Nickel Goes with Any Color Tone

Satin nickel finishes and other finishes made to mimic them are perfect with any color or tone of kitchen cabinets. You see, the way the metal is finished lets it pick up colors from around and behind it in subtle ways, but without actually reflecting what’s nearby. It picks up just enough to make it feel like it belongs, while still retaining its white-silver metallic feel overall.

This lets it contrast beautifully with dark stained or black-painted cabinets, without seeming too harsh or blindingly bright. It also lets it pick up the colors of lighter cabinets to blend in seamlessly. Against white, especially in simple designs, it maintains and intensifies the light, airy, spacious feel that’s probably the reason you’re interested in white cabinets in the first place.

Satin Nickel Is Easy to Keep Clean

Because of the subtle, random patterns of the finish that gives brushed nickel its characteristic “glow,” it doesn’t pick up fingerprints like polished nickel or chrome does. Even oily, messy fingers from cooking won’t leave behind as much in the way of noticeable dirt as they would on more polished surfaces. When you do clean them, it’s as simple as disinfecting and wiping them down—no painstaking polishing necessary!

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